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    music, poetry, guitar, keyboard, forensics, psychology, egyptology, ufology, meteorology, astrology, and criminology....serial killers, vampires... also animals and the outdoors...(camping, hiking, ect... BUT NO HUNTING!!!!! - though I do like shooting, I just stick to cans and targets :)( oh, and people who hunt ;) jk of course lol )<br /><br />*************************************<br />BTW people, not that any of you would ever try to contact me, but just in case so you don't think I'm ignoring you.. I'm hardly ever on MSN or AIM really, so if you wanna talk, you'll have to try Yahoo, unless you tell me before hand and I'll sign on to one of the others for ya 'cause I'm just so sweet like that :P

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    lyricist? poet? don't know I don't really have any skills

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  1. Love Of My Life

    Love of My Life I never knew you or got to watch you grow but my love for you was more than you could know this tiny life inside me, you change my life I dont understand why you had to die youre still inside me, but soon youll be gone nothing but a memory, my lost little one you dont have a name, but Ill never forget the love of my life that I never even met.
  2. Old Hampshire, back over in Old England
  3. LOL. I dont know. It was like 10+ years ago. I just remember this little slow flowing river with a big sandy bank and a shallow sand dune off on the side. I remember everytime we went there I would see the sign "welcome to allenstown" And John, you better watch out, us New Hampshire-ites are gonna take over
  4. When I was a kid I used to go to this great little swimming place off the river in allenstown
  5. Hey Jim! Im from NH as well. We also have another great songwriter from New Hampshire floating around here too! where abouts in NH you at ? if you dont mind me asking that is. Also, of course, Welcome to Songstuff and enjoy your stay!
  6. Fish Diary Part 1

    OK. So, I have started my own personal diary of sorts to keep track of my fishy business! It was suggested I post it as a blog! OK, so first of all, Since my diary did not start until I started cycling my tank I will give some BG info.. 10 gal tank (to be used for quarantine/hospital tank) 2 inch gravel (1 inch sand colored fine substrate for plants, 1 inch colored substrate for looks) 6 fake plants 2 live plants 1 large cave ornament 1 med sized pink/whiteish rock (real) 1 4 inch long bubble stone. 3 plant bulbs Before this first post, my two live plants where removed. (due to in order for my bacteria colony to grow, cannot have plants that will absorb all the ammonia) So.. here goes... Day 1 (9/29/07) Added ammonia, waited 4 hours. testing 3.0. Added more ammonia to bring up to 5.0. tested 12. did 25% PWC. testing low again, added a few more drops of ammonia. Testing 5 now. Day 2 (9/30/07) Temperature fluctuations. Yesterday w/ light 79.9F w/o light 96.4 Before bed 75 wake up today 74. 5:20 pm 80 (after light being off for one hour) Day 3 (10/01/07) Ammonia holding steady. temp fluctuations continue. Removed fake plants. Bulbs still not sprouted. Will leave in until done cycling. if still not sprouted will remove and replace with live plants. Also: Two inches of gravel. Too much. removed 1 inch. Also removed rock as placement was not sufficient. any fish who would swim in front of filter would end up being pushed into it. Left cave. It and a few live plants will be more than suitable for its purpose as a QT tank.
  7. So You Think Your Lyrics Are Poor?

    wow.... and I thought the fishsticks song was stupid! LISTEN TO IT! Lyrics..... I fixed the spelling so you could actually read it!.. but seriously.. just listen to it! Josh Tobin "Fish Sticks"
  8. Instruments For Folk Music

    ..... Nevermind.. realized it was FOR FOLK MUSIC... lol
  9. Strings

    I used to use D'Addario but I found I was snapping my strings quite a bit, ok not all that much but a good handful of times.. and for someone like me who's scared to death of a string hitting me in the face that was too much for me. I used to be scared to tune my guitar or change the strings for that reason. So, I went to a guitar shop and asked for a good set of strings that wont break easily, and, had a nice, warm sound. I was recommended Earthtones. I loved them and thats what Ive used ever since, Earthtones Phosphor Bronze medium gauge.. Ive not yet had one break on me and I really do like the sound.
  10. Guitar Heroes

    My father. I don't even really like him but when I was a little girl and didn't know any better he was my hero. I would sit and listen and watch him play for hours. even when I grew older and didn't really like my father I still couldn't help but love his playing. Granted hes not all that great by any means. but hes not terrible either. I always thought it was nice seeing him mess up and go back and try to figure it out, which eventually and usually not after too long, he did. (he never took lessons and did not read music all was done by ear). He is the reason why I picked up guitar myself. If I can become even as good as he was I will have accomplished my goal.
  11. Guitar Neck Inlay

    I like the star ones. I think the ones that just have designs as the fret markers are fine but I dont like the ones that have designs down the entire length. that would confuse the hell out of me. But I really like the "stars moons and commets" one. It let me view the first page of the gallery but when I tried to go to page 2 or 3 it redirected me back to page one, then to the main page.
  12. Resolved

    This Matter Has Been Resolved. If you have any further issues, feel free to post again or contact our staff. Thank you.
  13. Resolved

    ok. then I am going to mark this post as resolved
  14. The Briefest Of Introductions..

    Hi Andrew! Welcome to Songstuff Its great to have you here. I'm sure you will be just as valuable to the community as we are to you. Remember if you've ever any questions or need help, feel free to ask! Take care and enjoy your stay! Amanda Hope