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  1. Juin Thank you so much for your reply! You made me very happy! It took me long 3,5 years to make my singing better without lessons-just by myself. And I waited with a lot of nervousness for your, mature musicians', opinions. I feel much more calm and secure now. And I will dare to play in a cafe. One more time-THANKS!
  2. David, thanks a lot for taking your time and analyzing the details. It has helped me a lot last time, and it will help me now. Sincerely.
  3. It just hurts to hear the horrible ones singing live and to understand, that the good ones are hiding at home. Pls, make it happen for yourself!
  4. Are you playing live somewhere? If not-you should. You ARE good.
  5. Hello and welcome! Really cool stuff, and I mean it. I like it a lot,-so far it is your third song I am listening to.
  6. Stunning lyrics of the song. I can not say, that performance and music worked very well for me. Probably, I needed a chorus or something like that. Deep respect to your grandparents. Hard time, great people...
  7. Dear Nicole, this was SO beautiful! I think, I have not got any critique... As it was written earlier,-I wish I could hear it with an orchestra. Top level voice, top level song. Don't give up!
  8. Hello there I must say, that the song IS cool! Unfortunately, the first verse didn't say much to me, but then it became simply beautiful. I agree about the length, the song could have been a bit shorter. And the music could have been a bit...louder? I just needed more music, if I can say so. Lots of compliments from me!
  9. I like the lyrics A LOT! This song can be a part of a soundtrack for a movie. It is rather hard to write songs about such things, but here everything is in place.
  10. Ohhhhh, such a voice!.. I can imagine you with a rock-band... With a good rock-band... It would be a killer!
  11. GocartMoz, Johnbee, HoboSage, thanks a lot for your compliments and ideas. A special thanks about the phrasing-warning! Yes, English is my second language, and I could not even imagine, that it will not sound natural. To me-it did I am changing chorus to "Never (pause) I kiss you again, but hope this night will ease my pain. See you in my dream". I sang it the old way for a very long time and simply was not able to change the phrasing, so it was easier to renew the lyrics. Have a great day tomorrow, everybody!
  12. I was just going to write the same: Johnny Cash, I could really see him playing this song
  13. I was carried away by those lines... very, VERY beautiful lyrics. Guitar playing is great also. What else?.. I really like this song.
  14. Perhaps, you should be a bit more kind to people... But don't worry, it comes with an age and a certain amount of pain, you go through...