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Follow for Follow is Killing Your Music

"Follow for follow" (often abbreviated as "F4F") is a tactic where individuals agree to follow each other on social media platforms with the hope of boosting their follower counts. It is often used, to the point of being highly damaging, by artists in the independent music scene. Without realising it, they are killing their own music.   Let me explain. While this strategy may seem tempting, especially for emerging artists looking to build a presence, it comes with a variety of drawback

john in 2023

20 Reasons Why Music Forums Are Better For Songwriters, Bands And Producers Than Other Social Media

Modern social media is not ideal for many uses. This is especially true for bands and artists. From individual posts being missed and content you are interested in being buried beneath a pile of posts that you are not interested in, through a lack of people with suitable knowledge and skills, to not being able to find a vital piece of information posted 2 weeks ago and the lack of moderation making communicating frustrating, there's a long list of the shortcomings of modern social media.  

john in 2023

Songwriting Challenges

Independent songwriters and music producers really miss out on the advantages gained by artists and songwriters through the songwriter and artist development activities within record labels and music publishers.  Within these activities songwriters, performers, artists and even producers will gain experience making them into more rounded artists, songwriters etc. They may collaborate, through songwriting camps, workshops or songwriting dates, or similar. The immediate aim might be to write

john in 2023

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