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  1. Hi everybody! Yesterday a new Soundcloud playlist was published! In the first part of the track different tracks in "modern" vibe were included (rock, dark-pop, electronica, progressive metal, etc...) , whilst in the second half you'll be able to find more folky/country/singer-sonwriter tasting songs, together with a couple of very nice electronic and ambient tracks. This week, forum members @Steve Mueske, @SteveA and @Mahesh were included! I hope you can enjoy the selection! See you on the boards!
  2. Hello everybody! As most of you might already know, Songstuff has been supporting indie artists for almost 20 years. We are always looking forward helping artists to grow at all levels, promoting them and seeing them success in this crazy and fantastic music world. Nowadays there is a great amount of music platforms that we can use to discover new artists of all genres: Youtube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, GooglePlay, iTunes... among others . In an attempt to promoting indie artists and exploring new music, Songstuff will make weekly tracklists of different online music platforms, starting with Youtube and Soundcloud. The idea is to help users and listeners to find new great indie music on the net, whilst supporting the diffusion of the author's music. We also plan to prepare special material from the featured artists, such as interviews and posts. By doing this we expect to provide interesting content for other artists, listeners and fans about the featured musicians and their work. It is a great new project we are starting and that we feel excited to share with all of you! If you know some artists you want to share with the world, don't hesitate to let us know! The link to this first week playlist in SoundCloud is the following. Artists from the Songstuff community and outside Songstuff have been featured
  3. Hey Dan! Welcome to Songstuff! You really have a strong musical background there! You learnt many different instruments and it seems that music has accompanied you all your life! That's great! It's so good to have you around! For posting your work for critique you just need to have 3 posts on the site, 2 of them some feedback to other users that have posted their work for critique. Just have a look on the critique boards and provide feedback to a couple of users and you'll be able to post your work! I'm really looking forward having a look! Again welcome to the site! I hope you can enjoy it a lot and get all what you need to keep the music going! See you on the boards! Best, Michan
  4. I was, till the end. It's a very interesting story, and very cool way to reach the point you are in right now. It's such a journey! And I'm glad it's still ongoing! Your music is pretty awesome ... You should share some of your stuff here in the forum, I'm sure a lot of users will enjoy it a lot! I hope you keep coming around and sharing your experience and your work with all of us!
  5. My favourite band... they became so famous with a couple of super-hits, and not many people know how amazing they were in the rest of their songs. They made what I consider the most original and technically challenging "pop" songs ever made, able to link so well the content of the song with the feelings by playing with tempo, voice and sound. Like in this one:
  6. It's a very complicated topic this one... not easy to figure out what content could you include in a songwritting article... Things I am curious about: 1) Forever perfectioning lyrics? Points to take into account to consider lyrics ready to be closed / released? 2) Interplay between lyrics and melody. Can the rythm of our lyrics predefine our song's style? Things to take into account to nail our writing for a particular style. 3) How to balance the rythm of a song by the lyrics, how to detect lack or excess of rythmic changes? Maybe I'm too philosophic, I don't know, but I think those are really complex and interesting topics!
  7. I'm sorry, I like to read poetry but I'm not English speaker and I don't get a clear idea about what this composition is about, and I really want to get the meaning correctly. I understand the speaker is in love with somebody that is not clearly corresponding him/her, and he/she is just willing the beloved one does something to help the speaker to understand exactly in which personal situation, and what perspectives do they have together? And that the speaker feels everything he/she does towards the beloved one is wrong? If that is so, I don't get the question about finding a place to hide, because that will mean the beloved one is avouding him or something? Also I don't see why you put on the sentence about not willing to die. What's the relation between that and finding or not finding a place to hide? You would die if you hide, because that means letting the beloved one to fly away? Also, I don't know English composition resources for poetry, so I don't know what "I can't help from ..ing..." means exactly. In terms of form I like the rythm and the tension. Sounds very tragic, very painful, strong and desperate. Maybe I would take out one of the two "What/Why on Earth...". I agree those are very nice and strong words, but it's noticeable you used the same resource twice. Anyways, I enjoy it! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward your confirmarion of the meaning! Best,
  8. As I said in my intro, I'm really new to music. I've been loving it my whole life, but it was just recently when I start getting involved in an active manner. I want to collaborate with other musicians and help to create nice songs that can reach others. I want to learn from people with more experience how the music world works, and I want to stablish relations with a lot of musicians to be able to put things out in different styles and give others something they can enjoy. I think that what I know, what I think and what I feel are great values that can be useful to create really nice things, with help from other people. I Iack A but have B, you lack B but have A. Getting together us the best way to become complete! When I joined my actual band (they are all way better musicians than me), and they took one melody/lyrics I wrote, and made such a nice song in the time of the rehearsal, I felt they just did magic and we together created something good and beautiful. It was so moving that I had to control my tears, OMG, one of the nicest moments of my entire life! I want to repeat that over, and over, and over, for the rest of my days, and for that I need a nice community like this one is!
  9. Michan

    Sliver of A Moon

    I really liked this one, and this guy sings really well. I'm looking forward listening to new stuff! How long did it take for you guys to have this work done? What kind of things did you discussed/decided together for making it?? You had just the lyrics written with no particular melody? Ask him if he wants to have a look to some of my lyrics! I have melody for most of them! How did you find him for collab? Sorry for so many questions, I'm just curious about all this process in general! It seems amazing! Like magic! Best!
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