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Summer '10


As if I had a choice, listen to my voice

You hear it shake and ache,

This beauty that we made.

Together we stood, it was the best,

I know I lost, I know I spoke,

Now we're a mess.

Oh, it took you little time to find something momentary,

Oh, it took me forever to find someone; I could finally sing!

Again and again,

Summer of 2010,

You took me by surprise,

Your beauty and your enterprise,

Made the cold shiver my spin, night by night.

The moon's light glistened and gleamed,

It seemed like we only lasted a week.

If you were here, the winter would go,

Summer was fun, but it had to go.

If my memory could trace back to what we had,

I would go back completely, and maybe you'd be glad.

I took your hand, I wanted to fully understand.

What we had, was never as bad.

Again and Again,

Summer of 2010,

You took me by surprise,

Your beauty and your enterprise,

Made the cold shiver my spine, night by night.

If I could love you once again, maybe I'd find a smile,

And that'd never end, not as far as the Nile.

And, as if I had a choice,

I want to hear your voice,

Once again, Summer of 2010,

Come back again in time,

Maybe in the night.

Song Bio: I actually wrote this song a few weeks ago... Summer of 2010 was probably the best summer of my life. I had great friends, I was healthy, happy, there wasn't drama, the weather was nice, my love life was perfect; Bassically all setting of that summer was perfect, to me. Like a utopia of some sort, you'd say. Now everything bad that happens seems to be compared to that summer, in a sense. I miss that summer, and I miss it so much.


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