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Loosing This.


Am I loosing you, or am I loosing me?

I convey you to be greatly immaculate, when you can’t see.

I collaborate the night’s darkness by my side,

When I whistle and Bristle time to time.

I loose my senses, I loose my touch.

When the summer’s hot breath gives me a rush.

I think of us,

I think of me.

I’m not loosing you, but I am loosing me.

If nature can consume time,

Can it consume me?

It consumes us; scenery that’s mine.

If one cool breeze can bite me,

Then winter winds can eat me alive.

Have I lost what was truly mine?

Finally I found that time wasn’t as fast as I intended,

Something that my mind couldn’t find,

Was you in the end.

Song Bio: I wrote this song about a few months ago when drama amoung my family soon began to prevail. Well, my family has always been dramatic and disfunctional, but I finally began to realize a few things. I have been told multiple times that I am not good enough, and that I can't exactly fit in with the perfection as some of my family members. So, usually, when drama begins to erupt within my family, I go to the forrest behind my house. And, I write down my thoughts into music, and I let nature take my problems away, and I have done this entirely my whole life. But, it keeps me distant away from the people I love. I am disant from the people I love, but they hurt me enough to make me want to stay distant.


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