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  1. So, I got chains and rubber bands on my braces (rubber bands as in pulling my jaw up, and over bite down)... My mouth hurts. So. Bad. I tried apirin and tea, but nothing is working. Oh, well. If it's for perfect teeth, I can conquer the pain. :D

  2. 2+2= 4. It's not 5.

  3. He admitted he was going to work at McDonald's?

  4. YAY! Carter Rooker is coming to stay! YES! :)

  5. What is up with this new IM set up? They're literally changing it everyday.

  6. Goblins in the Southern Barrens are flarking rich. Huzzah for Silver!

  7. "I'm done, just--I'm done!" Quote by quote each time.

  8. I like how all the Harry Potter nooblets attended the premiere and had to keep asking their friends what was going on... I also love the fact everyone suddenly loves Severus. Haha, noobs...

  9. Skye/Call of Duty with Carter Rooker?

  10. Blondie eats way too much... Oh, how I love my Blondie!

  11. Was longboarding ALL DAY with my new, snazzy Torpedo. My legs are killing me, I LOVE IT!

  12. Going longboarding today... Who wants to join?

  13. ATTENTION EVERYBODY! MY LONGBOARD IS HERE. IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. My face is bruised.

  15. Rescued a stray dog... The area code for the number on the collar was all the way from Wyoming! Poor thing, he's a sweetie. I'm going to be watching him tonight. =3

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