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Ghost In The Night.


My cold figure fatigues in the night,

My senses chill and perish,

Though my body’s warmth, interlocked at Nine.

It’s around midnight, and I began to slowly fall,

I have given my most, maybe all.

When a single tear slowly freezes me,

I think of the ocean, I think of the sea.

Is it true I am not fond as my own life anymore?

Oh, it’s true! I’ve grown greatly sore.

Wind, takes my speech away,

It takes away the light from the falling stars.

Trees sway with this wind, it’s not very dark.

My body aches and prevails,

My head tells me to retaliate to my fail.

Take me away, scorch me next to the sun,

I run, run, run!

I try my hardest to prevail,

As harsh as evidence may seem,

They always find a way to kill me.

Here I am, is this what you need?

To trace me back to fright.

My hope’s a ghost in the night.

Song Bio: I wrote this a month ago, at least. There has been so much drama amoung my best friends, it kills me. Now, some of them try to make my life hell, and as optimistic as I stay about it, it kills me so much. This song portrays to any type of depressing situation, I guess. Any type where you feel like you are begining to loose hope with the one thing you once loved most, now can't even think about. Particularly, mine is about the friends I am loosing.


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