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Songstuff Collaboration Competition 2011



It's time for the Songstuff Collaboration Competition 2011. The rules are published on the SCC 2011 Competition Entries board.

This competition is for fun and prestige only. There is no huge prize fund!

The SCC 2011 Prizes

Winner, 2nd prize and 3rd prize

Featured on Songstuff and all of it's portals.

Featured in the Songstuff community newsletter, including all of the members who take part

The Winner will also be interviewed and the resulting article will be published on Songstuff

Any further prizes are still to be determined. If any further prizes are determined they will be posted here.

Competition Rules

Both songwriting and song recording should be a collaboration between Songstuff members

Original songs only! No covers or remixes.

You can enter as many times as you wish, but the same song can only be entered once!

Submission Guidelines must be followed. these are posted at the top of the SCC 2011 Competition Entries board

Submit songs by attaching your song to a SCC 2011 Competition Enries board topic. This board is ONLY visible to members.

Entry must include:

  • Song Title
  • The Song MP3
  • Lyrics
  • Details of songwriters and who took part in the recording
  • Name of your "act"
  • Cover image
  • 80 - 100 words of promo text for your song
  • Completed Copyright Permission Statement

All entries should be submitted by September 2nd 2011

Chosing a Winner

A final 10 will be selected by staff from the entries submitted. Selection will be based on the overall pack submitted, not just on the song.

Each finalist will then be posted in a seperate topic within the public area of the forum.

The winners will then be voted for by the members themselves in a poll topic created by the Site Crew.

SCC 2011 Marketing Competition

A seperate prize will also be awarded to the song entry that recieves the most views within our public forums. Members can post their song in a topic clearly marked as "SCC 2011 Entry Song Name" within the Music Lounge. It is views of this topic that will be counted. This competition will be closed on Septemper 30th 2011, giving 4 weeks to win the marketing prize for marketing their song on the web.

Note: Our software can detect and eliminate bots from those views!

SCC 2011 Marketing Rules

Do not spam other sites. Only post where that sort of promotion is allowed. Breaking this rule will result in elimination from the competition.

Do not use bots to artificially crank up your views. Breaking this rule will result in elimination from the competition.

SCC 2011 Marketing Prize

Winners will be receive the popular acclaim of all members :) and they will be featured on the forums as the SCC 2011 Marketing Prize Winner.

Good luck and may the best song win!

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