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Discussing Songwriting


Discussing songwriting is something that some songwriters question the need to do. Songwriting can often feel like a very isolated experience. From our imaginations spring ideas that we shape into finished pieces of music, so what is the benefit of discussing that process with other songwriters or lyricists? Music should be naturally expressed for it to be a pure distillation of my imagination, won't talking about how I write contaminate my writing?


Songwriting, like any aspect of music, does not need to be done in isolation. Labels and publishers regularly encourage their writers to collaborate, and they do it for good reason. The chance to exchange ideas, techniques, experience are very worthwhile benefits, add in new songs as a result and inspired songwriters moving forward make collaboration and the simple act of meeting and exchanging ideas with other writers vital, essential aims.

A Place To Meet Other Lyricists And Songwriters?

Wouldn't it be good if there was a place where you could meet other songwriters? Somewhere you could frankly exchange views. A place where you could discuss techniques, the best ways to transform ideas into finished works? To talk about how to write a song? Somewhere you can learn about the history of songwriting, the details of song forms, rhythm and rhyme, the use of alliteration, synonyms, metaphors and more? Somewhere to share your appreciation of melody, harmony, chord progressions, cadence and song form?

The Resource For Songwriters

Perhaps not a huge surprise but Songstuff Song Writing And Music Resource is the resource you are looking for.

For lots of articles about writing songs, look no further than our Songwriting Library for information on a huge variety of topics.

Visit the Songwriting Discussion Forum in order to meet lots of other song writers and read back on years of songwriting discussions. It is thee place for discussing songwriting!


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