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#4 Women And Beaches, What Gives?


Hi all,

Not the blog subject I would have chosen, but this topic received 100% of the votes in the last poll. So it's your fault!

Why do you think I even included this subject in a blog poll about music? I'm glad you asked that. You see, I'm currently between significant others, and while there are aspects to singularity I enjoy, there are definitely aspects to being partnered up I miss, and it's not all about the bedroom! I miss... well, no need to go into all the things I miss. What I find interesting though, is what seems to be considered "romantic" by if not the majority of available women I bump into, but the majority at any rate, and that is a walk on the beach!

Apparently there is something about having sand blown in your eyes, your hair, between your the outer layer of clothing and your bare skin that women find romantic. I don't see it.

It seems the thought of strolling hand in hand along the water's edge in the moonlight and stepping on a washed up jellyfish, or blue bottle (Portugese man o' war) or tripping over because you stumbled into seaweed you didn't see that women find romantic. I don't see it.

Maybe it's the idea of a long walk away from your car, and then the longer walk back in the rain that women find romantic. I don't see it.

Perhaps it's the thought of squishing along in wet sneakers, the distinctive aroma of salt and sweat wafting up from their socks that women view as romantic. I don't see it.

It could be that walking along the might of the ocean, home to myriad unseen creatures that humbles man to the core that women see as romantic. I don't.

I know. It's that incredible seen in From Here to Eternity isn't it? That would be fun, I accept. Unless it turned out as it did in Flying High (Airplane). Fun, but not romantic.

And it isn't that they could sit and have a candle lit picnic on the beach. No candle would stay alight, and everything tastes salty. Nup, not romantic in my eyes.

So what is it about beaches and women? I for sure don't know!



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Dear Kel,

I am never far from the ocean. Its not the sand, the walk, or the wet sneakers. For me it is the peacefulness of the waves crashing, the wind making my hair all kinds of messy sexy, and yes, a man willing to get sandy and sweaty just to please my natural instinct of wanting to be by the ocean. AND yes I think you are right about some of those movie scenes making it more appealing (if that is what you were saying?)

You're so silly with your wet sneakers!


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You have waves crashing in Florida? I didn't know Florida had surf...

Live and learn, live an learn!


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