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blog-0163866001388455593.jpgmy favorite genres are

shoegaze,rock,electo-punk and dance punk

(mainly the ones i listen to and like the most i have lots more..

my favorite bands (in order of top 10)

(and theese are not of all time but they are great :P)

10.sunny day real estate

9.the pixies

8.the protomen

7.silversun pickups

6.Dinosaur Jr.

5.The jesus Lizard


3.black dice

2.ninth paradice

1.Death from above 1979

hum is one of my main favorites..

here are some things i like about them

1.heavy jams

2.spacey rifs

3.catchy tunes and influencial sound

4.always entertaining and very beutiful sound

5.great live shows

sunny day real estate

some favorite things about them

1.great riffing

2.jeremy egnaks overlooked chord progression

3.lyrics have alot of emotion in them

4.good live as well as they preform great!

5.they defined they emotional genre...and they influence any but are underrated.

my favorite things about DFA1979:

1.for a duo they have such a powerful presense among them.

2.they sound like no other in my opinion!

3.thier songs are really catchy and thier lyrics are good.

4.their live sets are always never failing and entertaining.

5.they deserve more attention because of thier different sound and one of the many bands that have a awseome shredding bassist..

my favorite things about the pixies:

1.thier out amazing lyrics

2.frank black is the most influencial musician ever!

3.great guitar riffing and just different...well known in the underground scence...

4.live presense is amazing.

5.they can influence anyone trying to get that sound they want if its alternitive pop..

my favorite things about Dinosaur Jr.:

1.J.mascis has the best guitar riffing...lou barlow has the best basslines

2.great start if you want great grunge as thiey are pioneers of grunge

3.jays signiture jazzmasters and guitar riffing

4.most every album is great (some arent great but good)

5.live preformances are amazing!

theese are just five...there are too many to name...

but theese bands are entertaining...but mostly underlooked..give them a listen...

thanks for reading!


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I'm feeling old! Never heard of any of them!

What is "shoegaze"?

lets put it this way...listen to silversun pickups, hum and ninth paradise great examples

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