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  1. I ussualy use picks that are heavy and bright I like heavy for the main reason that it wont wear off or break so easily...its just me...like bright orange and green...but picks with grip can be useful and a plus..lol I like different shaped picks too but it depends all on if they work with me...
  2. lets put it this way...listen to silversun pickups, hum and ninth paradise great examples
  3. good evning everyone! my idea for Rusted Apple was: A folk punk band that consists of me as rhythm guitar and vocals and a two other member playing bass and drums.. but that idea slowly failed as no one would stay dedicated and they only said they played guitar good and or drums great...they did not show shit... the new idea is gonna be rock,shoegaze and some synth...(maybe). mid-tempo speed rock nothing metal at all but it will be heavy..my aim for my next ep is all originals (for the studio version) probibly about 6 songs... maybe 7...it depends if i have enought inspiration.. the whole idea of the band NOW is not a live project....just a studio project...like to share my ideas and songs...stories if you will...not looking to get famus..just having fun with music! im looking to make three or five E.P.s then a few full lengths....when im ready..mostly gonna realease eps..eventually gonna try different projects..but Rusted Apple is my main foucus alond with OH NO! Moduator...lemme explain that one OH NO! Modulator (formerly known as What Evil) is my techno project...made a couple eps with that so far,,,gonna try and use actual instruments...have to save up for a synth for that before ANYTHING happens...but for now its gonna be abunch of eps for listening... back to Rusted Apple.. this project has a logo that is sticking with me forever....maybe change the look but its always gonna be Rusted Apple... my first ep is avalible at bandcamp for free. but my next ep is gonna be actual instruments...well drum programing and maybe other stuff too...but the idea for the next ep is just some leftover stuff...the one after that is stories and things.... look forward to some cool music in 5 months or so...thanks for listening Jake~
  4. my favorite genres are shoegaze,rock,electo-punk and dance punk (mainly the ones i listen to and like the most i have lots more.. my favorite bands (in order of top 10) (and theese are not of all time but they are great ) 10.sunny day real estate 9.the pixies 8.the protomen 7.silversun pickups 6.Dinosaur Jr. 5.The jesus Lizard 4.HUM 3.black dice 2.ninth paradice 1.Death from above 1979 hum is one of my main favorites.. here are some things i like about them 1.heavy jams 2.spacey rifs 3.catchy tunes and influencial sound 4.always entertaining and very beutiful sound 5.great live shows sunny day real estate some favorite things about them 1.great riffing 2.jeremy egnaks overlooked chord progression 3.lyrics have alot of emotion in them 4.good live as well as they preform great! 5.they defined they emotional genre...and they influence any but are underrated. my favorite things about DFA1979: 1.for a duo they have such a powerful presense among them. 2.they sound like no other in my opinion! 3.thier songs are really catchy and thier lyrics are good. 4.their live sets are always never failing and entertaining. 5.they deserve more attention because of thier different sound and one of the many bands that have a awseome shredding bassist.. my favorite things about the pixies: 1.thier out amazing lyrics 2.frank black is the most influencial musician ever! 3.great guitar riffing and just different...well known in the underground scence... 4.live presense is amazing. 5.they can influence anyone trying to get that sound they want if its alternitive pop.. my favorite things about Dinosaur Jr.: 1.J.mascis has the best guitar riffing...lou barlow has the best basslines 2.great start if you want great grunge as thiey are pioneers of grunge 3.jays signiture jazzmasters and guitar riffing 4.most every album is great (some arent great but good) 5.live preformances are amazing! theese are just five...there are too many to name... but theese bands are entertaining...but mostly underlooked..give them a listen... thanks for reading!
  5. i change my stings every month. i clean my guitars every so often
  6. i practice whenever i get the chance....as this moment i dont much...:/ but i play till i think i have had enough..hardcore training.. XD
  7. i used a digitech rp150... currently looking for behringer pedals...
  8. i have 3 a washburn x series a peavy bass a jasmine acoustic guitar
  9. hello i am new here ( i am not trying to spam.i swear) here is my first topic shoegaze: one of my favorite genres! Hum,Centuar,ninth paradise and silversun pickups (reply if u know more) are just to name a few....and i always wanted to know 1.what do you classify as shoegaze? 2.what do you use for shoegaze? and what effects are effective?? 3.what's your favorite badn that has this label? 4.what doesn't cassify as shoegaze or space rock? I think what classifys as shoegaze is really spacey and heavy beutiful tones and slow and mid tempo kind of a sound. it depends on how they think what it is...but the band HUM and Ninth paradise are decent examples..mainly hum though cause they influence me so much on what does and doesnt but the lead singers other band Centaur is a much better example.. i dont have any guitar effects as of now..but i plan on buying some pedals soon.. my favorite bands are HUM,silversun pickups and Ninth paradise(ninth paradise is a newer band thats really neat) what doesnt classify as shoegaze to me is anyone who doenst put any time or effort in music and just thinks disortion does it all..there is more to it..but im learning more as i go i like alot of genres but shoegaze (or spacerock) is one of my favorites..along with others too though.. what do u think? what do u like? what do you use for shoegaze?
  10. yeah im not really into fame..but i do like it when people like my stuff! i play multiple instruments (not at the same time LOL) im indipendant in the likes of making music i cant for the life of me find dedication..so i dont bother forming groups for a while...im maily writing everything a the moment..but at this very moment i have no recording equipment..so i cant really make jack squat....but i know places for cheap mics n such...i ussaly go with cheaper stuff..then get better stuff later on...anyway the thing about me is im not that creative with lyrics..but i read peoms and other lyrics to get more creative... i make techno on the side just for fun..i eventally will sell my techno stuff when i feel ready..but for now i aint sellin crap... i dot really want to get famous maybe popular..but not famus..i couldnt handle the pressure...i only played a handful of shows....no plans on booking anytime soon...but i will make more and more music till the day i bite the dust....i love music and muic is my drug
  11. 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments? guitar,bass,drums,keyboard (not too much getting there ) When did you start playing? when i was 12ish Did you teach yourself? yes but i had some pointers with some better than i 2. Are you in a band or bands? yes and no What is the name of the band?rusted apple.. (there is nobody in this band its all me for now) What do you play? guitar What other instruments are in the band? Do you have a band website?yes 3. Do you write songs? Do you write lyrics, music or both? defenetly both.. Do you have a writing partner? not at all... 4. Do you record your music? Do you use a home studio? If so what gear do you use?:i just use a mic and computer Do you use a recording studio? no not yet... Do you have music available on the web? if so where? https://rustedapple1991.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rusted-Apple/281103362019898 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? Management? Label owner? Publishing? Promotion? Other?none yet 6. Are you a tech head? no :/ 7. What country do you live in?Wisconsin 8. What are your ambitions? to run and help run a indipendant music label.. and make music of course 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? What are your pastimes? i love music i make some techno if u want to listen message or conact me here https://www.facebook.com/pages/OH-NO-Modulator/417527571595878 i just dedicate my time to music..well right now i dont got much to work with..but ill bounce back 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff?
  12. Welcome to the forums Jackrustedapple :)

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