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Never Thought That You Could Break Me Apart...


I wanted to committ suicide this morning. And I told a friend how I felt. She's reporting me to the counselor. Guess I'm not dyin' any time soon. Darn.

The reasons for these feelings are dumb. I want to die because Shane has a friend who is female in our Geography class. Seems like Geography is turning out to be just this horrible, horrible thing every day that I just can't destroy. I dunno....they were talking. And I don't know if he likes her...or if she likes him...'cause I'll tell you this right now: If she likes him, I'll kill her. Shane....he just can't be anyone's but mine. I saw them talking, and I just felt like throwing up.

At least we talked today. He's in a better mood.

I am so overly sensitive lately. Everything makes me start crying. I was watching an AT&T commercial last night and started bawling my eyes out. I've been eating 89 tons of food every day and not losing or gaining a pound.

I think I'm addicted to metoprolol.

Jk, jk, I'd be dead if I was.

Drinkin' a "revive" vitamin water and listening to "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party" by Jeffree Star.

Today in Health we all went to the auditorium where almost all of the school bands played. And nearly all of them sucked.

The dood in my Health class that my bff likes is going to write a song called "spork." Awesome.

I think I'm about done writing.

"Keep it ninja" :ninja:


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