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Listening Habits for a Musician




As a songwriter (and you will see if you do listen to the recent music I've put out on my SoundCloud or Youtube), my songs are quite melancholic and well, 'singer-songwriter'y.


But the music I'm listening to is not along the same lines.


I listen to a lot of RnB, Neo-Soul, Blues, a bit of Jazz music and more. That's usually my playlist that would keep me going on a daily basis. Sure, I do indulge myself in singer-songwriters every now and then especially when new music is released or I find a new artist that I enjoy; and I do consider John Mayer and Damien Rice my biggest influences. But they aren't on my playlist unless there's new music. In fact, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder have been huge influences for me as a musician and yet, their traces may not be easily found in the music that I do. It's always interested me to understand how this works. And I realised that our listening ears and musician ears may not necessarily be the same thing.


When you are listening to a song, you get drawn to the melodies at times, sometimes the rhythm or sometimes the groove. And the words sometimes catch your ear and you get instantly addicted to it. I highly suggest that you recognise and be mindful of these decisions your mind makes. When you listen to a song that you really like. Ask yourself why you really like it. Go through the melody, dance to the groove, sing out the chorus if that is catchy. Enjoy it differently each time and notice it. Learn and try to recognise where your enjoyment for a particular piece of music is coming from. Grow that quality in you. Grow that awareness in you and it WILL help you greatly in your own creative journey through music!

It has been helping me lately and I've still a way to go!


Some of the artists I've been enjoying lately!






























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On 03/12/2017 at 8:33 PM, Jim622 said:

Nice job Mahesh - and I want to thank you for turning me on to the Tiny Desk Concerts.

Thanks @Jim622! It sure is a great space to discover great music. I wait eagerly for every release that comes out of it. 


Lately I've been tripping on Nate Smith's recent Tiny Desk. The second song just hits me in the feels. 





And one of my most favourite NPR concerts have to be the moderately recent The Roots performance. F**kin legendary!




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