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Thanks, Peggy! You guys around here are great! Lisa and I have had some awesome back and forth. I really appreciate the support!


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23 hours ago, lownotes said:

Thanks, John!


I would have posted some feedback but I don't know how you plan to use your blog. Maybe you could post draft vids to the video critique board?


If your blog is for showcasing you probably don't want feedback here. If you add vids to your showcase topic, songs might get picked up by @Peggy for our YouTube channel. Just don't flood the board with a load all at once. It's more effective for you if you plan to drip feed the posts to the showcase board over time.

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Thanks, John. I've been talking with Lisa. At first, she directed me to the Showcase area, then she thought that compiling my YouTube videos in a Blog would be a good idea. Mostly, I'm trying to create awareness for my finished material. (Critique is welcome, although everything I post here is done as far as I'm concerned. Feedback, wherever it comes, can give me ideas for future songs.) I'll take your advice, and slow down a bit on posting to the showcase. I would love to get some play on your YouTube channel! Thanks again, John!

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A blog is a great idea, but ideally you should say something about each song, why you wrote it, who you wrote it for, where or when you recorded it. Fans don’t really care about the “how”.


It’s also useful to include a general link to your YouTube channel in each post (also add to your board signature), and a link to your artist website or primary artist page. The better the quality and uniqueness of each post, the better results for you. It takes a while to put in place and build interest and activity.


Its also a great idea to register your blog RSS feed with sites like feedburner.


Once good blog posts are created you can share the blog posts onto your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.


Think of it that you increase the size and quality of your footprint on the Internet, and increasing the interconnected-ness of your content so that when someone finds your content, that you increase the chances of them being able to find more of your content.



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