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Hate Work Sometimes (pointless Rant)


well. I tried getting to sleep , but to no avail, so I figured Id come back online for a bit. Its been a long day. Rough morning at work. what good is any system if people dont follow it? I had a perfect set up for the line at work but it wasnt working.. why? people dont know how to f-ing read? this shelf that sais for FIRST TEST, is where you put things for FIRST TEST.... just like the one that sais FINAL TEST is for final test. ERROR REPAIRS FIRST.. for errors from first test that need to be repaired.... ERRORS REPAIRS FINAL for errors fron final that need to be repaired.. FOR HOODING... do I really need to explain? and for christ sakes BAGGING AND COMPLETE.. .. but yet.. "well people dont understand where to put things".... CAN THEY READ? ??? ?? Honestly what kind of stupid ass workers do we have that they cant understand that simple setup.. but hey whatever works for you iditots.. who cares if cables that havnt even been tested get hooded and bagged? its not like MY name is the one thats going on the order or anything *rolls eyes* GRRR. Yea Im just a bit frustrated, not to mention im having to make whole new logging systems andmake sure they work, and do this and do that and a little of THAT as well. But hey.. its not like I dont already work my ass off or anything. Just a little recognition would be nice, instead all i get is crap from people cause im not passing shit.. well Fu@%, its not MY fault the cables they send to testing are crap. Im not the one who built them. I wouldnt be caught dead doing the crap they do, never mind putting my name on it and sending it up. really, its amazing the shit they concider acceptable. but really, I stand up and run around 8-10 hours, go not the extra mile, but the extra 100 miles to make sure the orders get out and not only that, but that they are good quality so that we keep our customers.. especially the ones I deal with since they bring in the big bucks. Do you realize how much pressure there is knowing that youre dealing with an order worth $100,000. I do it on a daily basis. If I screw up, its not a good thing. And with all that, all I even want is a simple "thank you". Is that too much to ask for? :(

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Ah ! Your in the same club I am. I now feel alienated at work much of the time.

What is worse, I now no longer confine my rants to other people, but I rant at inanimate object too. Some times I even attack them (objects not people). 10 years ago I punched a hole in the porch door. 5 years ago I knocked the kitchen door off its hinges. Now at my mum's house, there are a whole different set of doors.

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