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Never Good Enough....


why is it that no matter how hard some people try, theyre never good enough? I try so hard, I work my ass off all week. I even stayed more than 3 hours overtime on friday to get an order out. Every day I go above and beyond and yet still Im not worthy of anyones respect. I try so hard to prove myself but then I have these people who spend THIER time trying to sabatage me. Then. the man I love dosnt even respect me. Tells me he will give me anything I ask for, Do anything I ask. All I asked was that he not do anymore work on our house untill I get there so that we can do it together. what does he do all day? works on the house, comes back late at night, and i ask him why he did it and he said he couldnt just sit there all day doing nothing. so i ask. what about spending time with me? but no, im not good enough he had to not only leave me home alone all day, but while doing so, do something that i had asked earlier and he agreed NOT TO DO!!! im not worthy of anyones respect aparently. not the people i work so hard to help. god if you had any idea how much i endured with this guy. how much pain i took for him, and this is what i get, he cant even respect a simple wish of mine. why should I bother to try when im never going to be good enough???


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Getting married huh? Congratulations! and yay and woot! And all that stuff. [smiley=beerchug.gif] Despite what you say, I hope he's a great guy and you both enjoy lots of happyness! :) And just remember! We all love you OK? And we all have time for you should you need it!

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thanks steve. Hopefully yes, I will be getting married before the summer is over. HOPEFULLY being the key word, im so terrified its all going to fall apart. but the plan is in a few weeks we are moving into our new house in virginia. actually a log home which he put together after letting me choose the design. yea did I mention im terrified? absolutly terrified. with my luck who can blame me for not being exactly optimistic.. anyways... thanks again and I love you guys too!

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I'm sure everything's gonna work out OK for you. Just stop beating yourself up. You're Gonna have a good future. When do we get our invites to the wedding? :) Should I buy a new suit or what?

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