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Blog Software Updated


New Features

New Default Style

Themes and Custom Headers

Content Block Plugin System

Social Bookmarks

Media Integration

Akismet Integration

Feedburner Integration

Other Changes:

Edit Entry Date

Display article count for categories

Blog Offline Mode

Entry author replies in comments are now highlighted


New Default Style

Blog has been overhauled with a fresh style, one which feels more like a traditional blog. Additionally, it has been designed with themes (see below) in mind, so there is plenty of room for future designs.

Themes and Custom Headers

We can now install 'theme packs' and allow users to choose which of these themes will be applied to their blog. Using themes you can completely change the look and layout of an individual blog. Users are also able to create their own unique theme, these user themes must be approved by an adminstrator before they are publically viewable by other users. The new custom header system allows us to create multiple header images for users to choose from.

Content Block Plugin System

It's now much easier to create custom content blocks, using a new plugin system. It's now possible to define settings for a plugin that apply to individual blogs, this means that we can integrate with 3rd party widgets that require a unique username for each blog. There are also included new content blocks in this release: Twitter, MyBlogLog, Google Reader, Friends Blogs, and Recent Visitors.

Social Bookmarks

A new bookmark manager allows us to define bookmark services for your blog system. These services will allow blog entries to be easily submitted to the bookmark services that you setup. There are several preconfigured services: Del.icio.us, Digg, Facebook, Mixx, Reddit, and Stumbleupon.

Media Integration

The new tag allows you to automatically convert various media types into a more useable format. FOr example, [ blogmedia ]http://www.test.com/somemp3.mp3[/ blogmedia] would be converted into a mp3 player for the specified file. By default we include: Flickr Image Set, GameTrailers, Google Video, MP3 Player, MySpace Video, Veoh, and YouTube.

Akismet Integration

It's now possible to use Akismet to filter spam for both the comment and trackback system. (not enabled yet, wehn it is trackbacks will be activated)

Feedburner Integration

Users can now override the default rss syndication and use FeedBurner.

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I hate to say it John, but the layout is all weird for me... The pictures are all mismatched to the headings, and it looks a bit messed up... (firefox)

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