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Cheat Codes For Life~contains Anger And Profanity


Cheat codes for life

I overheard a conversation this morning. A guy was bitchin’ cause his boy was using cheat codes for his playstation games, “he’ll never learn anything about life that way”, he said. Now my gut reaction is to agree with him. I hate cheaters, I think fighting fair is honorable and to be respected. Holding yourself to a high standard is hard as hell when you look around and it seems like everyone around you has the cheat codes for life and you are the only dumbass trying to play by the rules. Frustrating indeed.

Recently I learned that not everyone holds themselves to the same values that I hold so dear. “Cheat to Win” they say, and they do, they cheat, and they win, and no one, absolutely nobody jumps up and shouts “Hey, they cheated!” It doesn’t happen. Why doesn’t it happen? My thoughts here dear Friends is that the powers that be have us so immersed in our own quagmire, so busy fighting for our own breath that we don’t have the time and energy left to stand up for our Brothers and Sisters. But when you end up in that endless cycle and it’s your turn on the chopping block the same rules apply, no one has the time and energy left to stand with you, so we all end up standing alone….and losing! Seems to me like it is a simple case of misdirection, easy to figure out if you know what you’re looking for, not so easy to figure a way out of the hole. The cheat code people have taken over the world and have us so distracted that we can’t even see straight anymore, we don’t have the energy left to fight, it seems most of us just try the best we can to make it through the day without getting noticed by the higher-ups, the dealers, and the cheaters. I think if we stand back enough and take a close enough look we would find that the higher-ups, the dealers, and the cheaters, are just as worn down as we are. Just as pissed off and just as tired of this ridiculous grind we have all been caught in.

So where are the cheat codes for life, I guess what I should say instead is where are the cheat codes for the society we have found ourselves forced to play ball with.


That is my first reaction. Then I realize that going “home” is a sticky prospect. How can you keep your home if you don’t play the game? I heard an interview with Peter Fonda and he said something like “you think you own your house? Stop paying taxes on it and you will find out who it really belongs to” he said this as his reason for owning a houseboat and living there…Brilliant! You don’t like your neighbors you pick up and move. Excellent, except there are still dock fees and neighbors wherever you go; no matter what you do you are still tied into the system like the baby-pods in the movie “The Matrix”. “Just another Soul to feed to the mad machine”, Cory Taylor wrote that line and I get goose bumps every time I hear it.


I hear hippies talk about “getting off the grid” and it is intriguing to me, but it just seems so hard. I follow different groups that try it and it always seems that people with the kind of resolve it takes to do something that extreme are also very cut and dry about the things they believe in. Which is ok by me, but according to the groups I have watched try…and fail, it makes them very hard people to get along with because whenever you draw such solid lines in your ethics, sooner or later someone, even someone really close to your way of thinking will cross the line. I wrote a Song once called “Walk Away” about abandoning everything, strapping my guitar to my back and walking away from everything, but how to do it? Every time I start thinking this way I end up hitting a brick wall. When you walk away from everything exactly where is it you are walking to? I wish I knew the easy answer to that one, but rest assured when I figure it out, you, my Friends, will be the first to know! For now, I guess all we can do is make the best of it.


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