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  1. Hey John Nightwolf!


    Long time no see!


    How's tricks?

    1. Nightwolf

      Hey Brother. Long time is right, good to see your smiling avatar again

  2. If you have a decent PC get some DAW software that you can use to run loops. Asking which one would open a huge kettle here. They are an easy way to get started and there are plenty of free ones available if you hunt around. Search our forums here, there are countless discussions (arguments) about what software to use Research DAW (digital Audio Workstation) Research Free Drum loops (you can get huge sets of quality loops that work well together for not much money)
  3. Nightwolf

    song rescue

    Some of mine nag me a bit
  4. Nightwolf

    song rescue

    It's a personal thing. If you feel mired then clean house. For me I would need one of them the second I burned them. I still have the first Words I ever wrote and every once in a while the come in handy.
  5. ^^What he said^^ A low pass filter or De-esser may be able to fix it if it isn't too bad. Better to find the problem of course. Look for external causes. Is the PC far enough from the mic? is your AC on? Ceiling fan, Fluorescent lights?
  6. Here's a song I wrote dedicated to the folks in the armed services, police, fire. All the folks that work hard to keep us safe everyday. Debt
  7. Still Jammin at 94 is impressive in anybodies book!! He was an ICON
  8. I have doubts that the onboard mic will be able to capture the bass drum, you might have better luck switching the mics to use the onboard as an overhead and the SM for the bass
  9. Ryan, My Main reason for getting recording started was all the Songs I lost along the way. Now as soon as I have a bit I want to keep I lay down a rough cut so I don't lose it.
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