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A Good Example Of When Justification Of Piracy Falls Apart... Your Help Is Needed...


I'm looking for some help from Songstuffers, for a fellow Songstuffer (not me).

Many of you will know Finn Arild as a member here, and as one of the Songstuff admins. For the last two years Finn has been working hard on his second album and it was released just before Christmas. i couldn't have been happier for him. He's not made a song and dance about it in any way (coughs at the play on words). He's not asked for any special promotion as a member of the site or the staff.

Well, I was greatly saddened to here that even without a big promotion to raise awareness of the album, it has already been ripped and placed on illegal download sites:

Read about it in Finn's blog

Sad really. He works hard at a job to earn the money to put it together and release it, he spends countless hours honing it, recording mixing and production... and then this. Just when he was getting some press attention and radio airplay. This is the other side of the illegal downloads market. It's not about the big acts and the big labels, it is very much about the little guy because the track rippers just don't care who you are.

It pissed me off.

So... unprompted by Finn (and I hope he is not annoyed) I wanted to ask you, members of Songstuff, readers of Songstuff, lurkers and occasional visitors.... can you do something for Finn? I'm not asking you to go and buy it (but in case you do here is the link to buy Testament, if you like progressive rock I think you'll love it. it's very well written and performed).

What I am asking you to do is help spread the word. Can you post about it on your FB page? Your Twitter? Myspace? Forums?

A big ask I know, but Finn helps make Songstuff possible, and he didn't deserve this. You guys can make a difference. Seriously.

Finn, I'm sorry if my doing this causes any upset. People really  shouldn't piss me off. ;)


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OMG! That sucks. I purchased Finn's first CD and will purchase the second one as well. He is a great songwriter and doesn't deserve this kind of treatment!

Will do what I can to spread the word.

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I have been a songwriter for years and have just finished my first album, am just at a loss as to what to do with it now. I was hoping to get my songs out there in the hope that some known artist or even unknown artist would want to record them. I have found that there are a lot more people that want to rip you off than those that want to help! Who do you trust?

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