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  1. -Do you play a brass instrument? -Are you interested in joining an active brass community in LA? This posting was inspired by a recent Trombone Concert I went to see in the valley. I started thinking that there must be a Brass Community in LA, somewhere that active musicians and those wishing to be active again can get together and play, jam, rehearse, perform, share arrangements, etc. At the moment, I'm gathering some information to see how many musicians would be interested in the area. If you're interested in something like this, please click below to submit your interest and any additional ideas/feedback. Looking forward to meeting and playing soon! INTEREST FORM
  2. I guess you can say the music I posted wouldn't necessarilly fit the Universal Halloween Horror Nights scene, as much as an attraction entrance/exit ambiance. I'd be happy to arrange some Rob Zombie into horror/halloween instrumentals if it weren't for those pesky Copyright laws!
  3. Mwahahahahahahaha!! It's that time of year again. Please feel free to take advantage of this creative commons licensed music. If this serves you, or anyone you may know of use, please pass it along. Two charts for your haunted house, haunted maze, trick or treat station, ambiance, etc... Spooky Waltz: FREE DOWNLOAD and STREAMING Halloweentime According To The UNdead: FREE STREAMING Halloweentime (45min Looped): FREE DOWNLOAD and STREAMING Haunted Holidays!
  4. Check out this groove I've recently finished for Marching Percussion. You can download the MP3 and get the link to the free sheet music here: https://soundcloud.com/hansmaestromusic/with-a-shot-of-espresso And check out the audio mix here: http://youtu.be/uP-YETVuU0Q Enjoy!
  5. This parody of the holiday classic was a project I worked on a few years ago when I used to score music for a vaudeville marionette troupe. This was one of the features on the Christmas Set. Enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/hansmaestromusic/jingle-bones
  6. Welcome horn players! If you're looking to add a set of carols to your small group when you head out this winter, feel free to check out these newly added charts for wind quintet! Scored for: Trumpet Trombone Tuba Alto Sax Bari Sax Happy Holidays! from Hans Maestro Music!
  7. Hans Maestro Music is proud to release two Holiday singles for your listening pleasure. Also available for download! Check out this Experimental Ambiance track for your Halloween festivities: (if you are interested in a 10loop ambiance of this chart, please contact us on our main website for details!) And this haunting, yet upbeat Piano Concerto for Orchestra will surely make any graveyard come to life! Feel free to comment and share! Thank you for choosing Hans Maestro Music!
  8. Thank you!! It's actually through WIX.com, they used to just offer flash and now they offer HTML. But I'm paying for my domain so it would cost me to switch over to HTML. You can make a fee account and edit your website for free, until it's just right. You can publish it anytime for people to visit it, but if you stay fee they put up ads. Otherwise, you can just manage your site until you are content with it, then choose a plan that works for you (to pay for your domain). The self-published sheet music is with MusicaNeo.com they are a third party and let musicians self publish sheet music so that you keep all the rights and collect all royalties (once you've signed up with BMI or ASCAP) for your music, instead of going with a major publisher and only seeing a small fraction of the royalties.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm a composer / arranger and write in a variety of genres and styles. Most currently I've wrapped up a project featuring a horn-fronted rock band. Feel free to visit my official website (it is in flash) or help me out with facebook likes! Collaboration and networking are also strong interests of mine, and you'll notice I support the arts as best as I can too! Official site: http://www.hansmaestromusic.com Recently launched project: http://www.kickstart...-you-who-love-a Thanks for your support! Music Makes The Impossible A Reality!
  10. Welcome to the forums HMaestroM :)

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