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  1. Thankyou so much!!!! Just a tune I'm currently working with http://forums.songst...midi-seq-v1-ch/ © 2012 by HC If having the sheet music to it would be easier just let me know ~ I can link you to some other sheet music later but just a list of artists... Taylor Swift Jason Chen (a youtube artist) Megan Nicole (another youtube artist) Ed Sheeran Kelly Clarkson not sure if that will help but please do send me the sheet music Thankyou again!!!
  2. Thanks for the advice Tom! I'll definitely look into covers and I'll definitely be experimenting more...once my exams are over with! (:
  3. Sorry, I'm not sure I made myself clear enough the first time round. What I meant was, Some chords are broken into repeating patterns that seem to "fit" under a song for example C major chord can be broken up like C, E, C, G, C, C'... like wise the G major chord can be broken up like G, B, G, D, G, G' It follows the same pattern. If using I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII is an easier way of displaying the pattern then I can understand that as well. Sheet music is simply easier for me since I'm a classical pianist. Doesn't have to be in a specific key, I can transpose. But really, all I need is something to start messing around with, hopefully I won't need it for too long. So if anybody is skilled in this area...please share (: - xfantasiix
  4. So, I'm pretty new to all this but I do have a fairly complete collection of lyrics and a basic idea of what I would like my songs to sound like however I play classical piano so I'm not very familiar with riffs and chord patterns that are played as an accompainment for songs. I know there ARE people on this site who are good at this so I was wondering if anybody would be willing to share some of their riffs/chord patterns with me. Preferably in a score/sheet music form. Just some simple patterns that can be played "underneath" a melody. I want to try create my own but I have no idea where to start so checking out other peoples creations would be a massive help for me (: thanks heaps! - xfantasiix
  5. Welcome to the forums xfantasiix :)

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