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    Darmin De'flern
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    I do all my own lyrics, songwriting, performance, production, mixing and vocals.
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    Paradise lost, Jeanne Michelle Jarr, Spande Ballet, John Williams (film score), Dio, Rage against the Machine, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Moby, Oasis, Abba plus many others who taught me something about music.

    I love all genres of music.

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    Song writing, song production, music, music videos, watching tv series, martial arts, badminton. watching movies, computer games.
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  1. Just to say I recorded an event (a performance in front of a virtual crowd) in rocksmith and uploaded it to youtube. At this stage I had only about six hours of practice on the guitar and game so it shows that you can get to grips with some of the simpler music fairly quickly and it does actually teach you how to play: Part 1 Part 2 Instrument used was a 4 string headless Washburn Status 1000 guitar.
  2. Agree 100percent superb piece of software, superb price.
  3. One of the easiest ways to do a mix is think of how a band is set up. Vocals and drums will usually be centre Bass will usually be close to the drums just off centre Guitar and keyboards will usually be on the left or right. I always put the drums, bass and vocals near the centre then depending on the other tracks pan them left or right to give you a sound separation. If I have three rhythm guitars I pan one far left one far right and one close to centre but off centre. Also important for sound separation is the EQ. So as well as spreading the tracks horizontally to get sound separation EQ helps to separate your sound vertically but in pitch rather than space. A lot of it however is trial and error see what works if its muddy or muffled then you need to tweek the instruments either in EQ and/or in panning.
  4. Stormy Weather Boys - (Sailors a sea chanty lol) We're laying in Surrey Dock one day When the mate told us to get under way CHORUS after each verse: Stormy weather boys stormy weather boys When the wind blows our barge will go He's homeward bound but he's out of luck Cause the skipper's half drunk in the Dog and Duck Then the skipper came aboard with a girl on his arm He's going to give up barging and take a farm So the mate ran forward and the cook fell in the dock And the skipper caught his knickers in the mainsheet block We shored her off and away did go But the skipper's got a bottle of beer below She fills away and she sails like heck But there ain't no bargemen up on deck Then up comes a mermaid covered in mud So we took her down in the fo'csle and had a good time Lyrics courtesy of www.sailorsongs.com
  5. Just like to say I got Rocksmith for the PS3 which is like guitar hero etc but you play with a real guitar via your guitar a 1/4 jack to usb to your computer/console. The game currently supports six string guitar and four string bass guitars. You can if you wish use your regular guitar to emulate a bass by just using four strings if you wish. I am a complete novice bass guitar player (or any guitar for that matter) so I thought it might be intresting for some feedback from a complete guitar "noob". First of all the main game has a career mode where you start as a novice and work your way up through levels playing and rehersing songs, learning techniques (hammer, slap, fiths and eigths, slides etc.) before playing before bigger and bigger audiances. The game has an in built tuner which it takes you through (and asks you to play each string before each songs). This works very well and is needed as some songs need re tuning to fit the song. The threads are numbered from 3 5 9 12 etc. from top to bottom and the strings are colour coded red, yellow, blue, orange (on bass not got a guitar atm so bass review only). The songs work like normal guitar hero songs in that you see the threat board coming to you with the numbers so you know where you need to place your hand in relation to the required threats. Then once the song begins a series of diffrent colour notes (dots for fingured notes, a line for open string start flashing on the screen. You then have to try to play the tune based on what you see. This is great as it teaches you to play notes without looking at the guitar all the time. The song starts at a very easy level (though this can be a little difficult for a novice) and once you start hitting the notes regularly it changes it up making the song more and more difficult until its at 100 percent which is the final level (and probably the closest to the real thing on the song). There is help available if you want to practice a section of song where you can select say a part of a verse and repeat a riff by using various methods that make it much easier to really nail down sections you cant get the hang of. It will give you two or three songs I think Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones was one, a song by the Pixies and Angela by Jarvis Cocker to start with. It only requires you to learn them (difficulty wise) to a certain level. Once you have passed this level for these songs you can then have a mini gig or event before an audience where you play all the songs back to back. If you do well enough it may give you an extra tune that you play as an encore. It then takes you to some new tunes, new techniques, and new games that help you learn those techniques. The brilliant thing about this is its so exiting I am actually playing the guitar, standing up playing to a false audience is fun and rewarding and gives you a buzz so that you want to nail the songs and keep going with newer and harder songs. (or harder levels of the same songs). There are some downsides I wish I could make my own events in the main menu etc. Also I am limited to playing for a set amount of time due to the strings tearing my fingers to pieces lol. I would heartily recommend this game to anyone who likes the guitar hero types of games but wants to actually play a real guitar. I would also recommend it to people who just want to learn to play the guitar but for whatever reason has no access to music teacher. Any questions on this game like song lists or other parts of the game that I havent said about or brushed on please ask me thanks.
  6. I tried to do a country sound with The Road but it changed more into soft rock with some country or folk overtones not sure what genre to call it. I posted that song for review in the songwriters section. I find country extremely difficult to write not the lyrics but the actual songs. Think I will challenge myself to do a proper raw country song one day and I might have to really listen to a fair bit of country first.
  7. I believe I left a comment on your youtube after I listened to the intro as I liked it keep up the good work .
  8. While I agree that it hasn't got a "distructive" wav changer you can split up wav files, add filters or effects. also quote from a reaper forum: So you can do basic stuff. If you wanted more then you could use this: http://www.wavosaur.com/ which is free basic audio editor.
  9. Well you could download Reaper on a trial basis for free for a month its a fully functional DAW in this state. if you like it at the end of the month they ask you to then buy it off them but its one of the cheapest DAW's (60 dollars after your free months trial) on the market. http://www.reaper.fm/ The file is tiny to and it doesn't use much cpu resource and is quite easy to use I highly recommend this.
  10. jean michelle jarr used a "light harp" in Paris where he was using his hands to cut beams of light that were going over the crowd thought that looked very cool!
  11. 1. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? What instruments? I play keyboards and would consider myself to have intermediate ability, I have a reasonable voice and can sing in tune however I do not talent or charisma for singing. I have just started to learn Bass guitar and I an teaching myself at the moment. When did you start playing? I was classically trained when I was young but only got to stage 3 piano pracitcal I stopped playing at about 13-14. I picked it back up at 26-27 and had to re teach myself what I forgot and enjoyed learning myself how to play far more than I ever did as a kid. Did you teach yourself? Basics taught to me (scales basic chords) Learn't arpeggios, chord progression, different chord progression/chord shapes myself. 2. Are you in a band or bands? I formed a band called Terarrim but it didn't last due to lack of commitment from band members lasted about a year. However the experience was worth it creatively and personally to see how to manage/songwrite/perform in real life settings etc. What is the name of the band? None at the moment What do you play? I did play two keyboards and was lead vocals for 90 percent of the songs (even though two of the band members had better voices lol, couldn't get them to sing). What other instruments are in the band? We had two keyboards lead vocals, rythum guitar, bass guitar, lead guitar and drummer. The bass and rhythm guitarist did a duet for one of the songs they had written. Do you have a band website? Nope I have my own website though www.darmindeflern.com and some of the band tunes are on there. 3. Do you write songs? Yes Do you write lyrics, music or both? both Do you have a writing partner? Nope 4. Do you record your music? Yes Do you use a home studio? Yes If so what gear do you use? Keyboards (95 percent of all instruments recorded are from these) Keyboards are Roland G70, Roalnd VA7, Korg Kronos 88. Scarlett Focusrite 16.8 USB music interface Washburn Status 1000 headless bass guitar Dell quad core laptop with attached 22 inch monitor (lappy screen and monitor in dual screen mode) Mackie CR1604 mixer Roland 2.1 Studio Monitor/Keyboard speakers. I use Mackie Tracktion 2 DAW Reaper 4 64 bit version Amplitube 2 and 3 Various VSTi's effects and instruments. Do you use a recording studio? I wish! Do you have music available on the web? Yes indeed! if so where? http://www.darmindeflern.com http://www.facebook.com/Darmin.De.flern.Music http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCdS-jkGrM7-MDDC4jOjA2g/videos 5. What other roles do you perform in the music business? None 6. Are you a tech head? Somewhat 7. What country do you live in? Uk and Malaysia 8. What are your ambitions? Since I am not to fussed with fame or playing live etc. I would like to write songs at a pro level. I wouldn't mind if my music went the library route either to end up on radio/commercials computer games etc. 9. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? yes Very basic knowledge in computer drawing and creating music videos. I like to mosh now and again and I dance but I don't know whether you would call it create rather than having fun lol. I do write some poetry. 10. What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I'd like to meet more musicians, make some connections, and learn about writing music! All of the above, I woudn't mind teaching others some of my processes to because I think I have allot of creative talent and some of my methods may help my fellow muso's.
  12. Best thing to do is give it a go and show us on here so we can give you feedback. You won't know if you don't try .
  13. One way of doing it is just try singing the words. By its very definition lyrics should have a certain rhythm and length to them also the number of lines will inform you of a start and finish the way it rhymes will influence how it sounds to. So say you have six lines in your verse I'll write a quick verse to show my process. I'm shaking my head at what she said I never knew she felt that way I don't know why she began to doubt I just know the knife went in today Ok the word structure and the way their written for me is fairly youthfull that puts me in mind of a band. The lines are short and failry snappy so the music is going to follow a fairly quick pattern changes. Due to the lyrics being fairly simple the music is also going to be failry simple to. In my mind then its youthful singer male. I'm shaking my head at what she said I don't know why she began to doubt all four of those lines are going to be sung the same tune their all snappy type of words I never knew she felt that way I just know the knife went in today Due to the fact that these two lines are rhyming these are going to sound the same and emphasis and scooping/sliding can occur on the last word to provie the verse "hook". So I just sing out loud now to see what I get I went to the keyboard to tap out the notes: I'm shaking my head c---g---g----fg--c At what she said c--g--g--fg---c So basically each word is almost a note, the note lasting as long as the word the my and she are a quick slide from f to g notes. I never knew she felt that way c-g-----f------f-----c----c---fgf Is the notes i got for that line from singing out loud with the way being a slide over three notes wayhehay so it sounds something like that phonetically when sung. So I got that verse as a melody line rhythm pattern to fit those notes they are in the key of C or C minor and the "way" part works with b flat etc. Its about now having a listen to see how you can fit the melody into a chord or rhythm pattern. If I'm working off lyrics to music (I work the other way around to i.e. music to lyrics) that's how I do it. As it stand its very basic but I found a very simple but basic melody I can work from and I have an idea on the types of chords or rhythm I will be using to. Once I have the verse and have the chords I have a starting point and can use the same techniques to create the rest of the song (bridge chorus). Once that's done you have a very basic but good framework to then develop and build the song. I hope this makes sense if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me as I joined this forum to teach and reach out to people as well as receive help myself. (By the way might develop this into a song so I claim copyright on this original work )
  14. Here is my channel I have only gone into creating videos over the last month and using a camcorder for the first time ever to (never mind a video editor) lol. Great idea for a group and will subscribe to your channels shortly. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCdS-jkGrM7-MDDC4jOjA2g/videos
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