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  1. I've had this same problem in my songwriting too. Recently I found this article about writing music to express specific ideas. I found it really helpful overall, but in relation to this topic especially helpful in point #4. I've already got great results from this idea and used it to put my lyrics together with the specific emotions I wanted to express. Hope that helps!
  2. That’s interesting. I read the article and took the music career success test thing on the page…then the guy sent me some pretty cool feedback. Appreciate the link bro! Also thanks John for taking the time to make a detailed reply.
  3. Hmmm what do you mean exactly? As in what factors should I consider?
  4. Hello. I have a question about making it in music with songwriting…I figure this would be a great place to ask since there are so many songwriters here. Basically, I’ve been struggling to make any traction with a music career for many years and I’m trying to find a way to make a living with the music I make… I’ve read several “music industry†books and the info is good, but I’m not sure what to do with it really…then I’ve asked a friend who works as both a dj and producer, and although his insight is nice, I still don’t know how to get from the studio in the bedroom to writing songs for a label and getting paid. I’ve got good songwriting skills I think and can play at a good level on guitar…even sold some tracks from an mp3 album I made online. What am I missing?
  5. When I typed guitar playing resources into Google, this page came up: http://tomhess.net/GuitarPlayingResources.aspx There's a ton of info there...Pretty awesome!
  6. I love so many guitar solos, but I think one of my top 5 would have to be all guitar solos in "Kissing The Shadows" by Children of Bodom.
  7. Welcome to the forums Porcello5 :)

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