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    Sinful Harmonies
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    Played lead piano and composer.
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    TMRevolution, Benny Goodman, George Gershwin, SID, Chemistry, ABS, Black Sabbath, Journey, Koji Kondo, and Europe.

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    I'm interested in writing, games, music and so much more. I'm kind of a multi-interest man.
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  1. Does anyone know of an online music gig finder that can be broken down by city? I live in Springfield, MO so if anyone knows places there where I can look to get gigs or an online search where I can find gigs that I can apply for in the area, that would be great.
  2. StormKesocascay


    Just random stuff.
  3. Actually, thinking about it, "Sebastian Michaelis" sounds like it's C mi.
  4. These are two songs that I would really like to arrange for my school pep band, but I have one minor problem (which branch off into more). I can play and learn songs by ear, but this is almost ridiculous. I have one major/minor problem with these songs; I can't find out the key. I am trying. The first one sounds like F Major to me while the second sounds a little like Bb Minor (or major). Until I can find the key, I cannot arrange these pieces. Mind giving me a hand? A rough estimate can be close enough. I just need a key or chord name. The first (sounds like F Major); Second (sounds like Bb); As I said, I just need a key estimation. Oh, I do have an extra problem with "Grell Sutcliff"; is the bass drum really in 16th notes or is that a low tom (or is it really 8th notes that sound 16th to me)? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hello, I am Storm Kesocascay. I am a pianist and saxophonist, mainly Alto. I normally play Rock and a little Jazz. I am also a published fantasy-fiction arthor and I am multilingual in Kaiyumian, English, Turkish, Japanese, Latin, Russian and a little Italian. I mainly compose and arrange and I am trying to start taking gigs soon. It's really hard work, but it's worth it. nice to meet you all and I look forward to talking to you.
  6. Welcome to the forums StormKesocascay :)

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