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  1. Hmmm it is an interesting topic, not specifically on this band but generally....when does influence go too far into immitation? I was just about born or toddling when Led Zep were rocking the world, I only heard and appreciated them after they'd split up. I think any teen into Rock will know Led Zep in some depth, it was kind of the law if you were into rock when I was a teen, we knew all the old legends that had long since been and gone (dead in some cases), and I don't think that 'law' has changed much....so whilst they might sound fresh to you (Mr pop ) I suspect they sound 'like Led Zep' to their target audience (unless they're aiming for the pop kids).
  2. Do you think the audience look so unmoved during the performance because they're all thinking 'if I wanted Led Zep I'd have just put on some Led Zep' ? It's interesting, such talent maybe wasted in my opinion by being that bit TOO much like their influence...or maybe that feels different to another generation. Although something's amiss if an audience can be so still through something so loud and well played...
  3. It's a crap association but I love this song so... Heartbeats - The Knife
  4. Hey it's my biggest fan! Nice one...... Ahhh Edie...
  5. Paranoid Android - Radiohead ..... And that's a damn good name association even if I say so myself!! And I forgot....what an incredible song (and performance) that is!
  6. I think Kate Bush is mostly amazing but... it's song-dependent.... for example - If that one had been her first single then I think she'd have been rightly dismissed as a very annoying, cheesy, expressive dance student with terrible cheesy lyrics (and I LOVE old Hammer films). Without an AWESOME song to back it up, it's just irritating and crap, so my view is that 'novelty' element doesn't add...it only serves to get attention (not that she did it for that reason necessarily) whether the attention be for good or bad. What I'm saying is... I 'put up with' her weird dancing and sometimes it was really effective, but when she sang the right songs, she was just as, if not more, impressive and addictive when just sat at the piano. The 'novelty' elements were less important, and at times a risk to credibility (and enjoy-ability). I do like 'theatrical' in music (probably why I USED to enjoy Metal performances in my teens)... I liked the morbid looking string section in 'that weird bloke's' song, and his space suit in the other song, and smiley-to-the-point-of-menacing demeanor generally (I think his style is visually more impressive than Kate's in fact) .... but.... doing that thing with his tongue could never be good, could never be 'cool', in my book, and since that's an audible rather than purely visual 'novelty' (although seeing it makes it worse) it spoiled the song...for ME.... so I would have pointed that out. But... we're all different. Opinions expressed are my own
  7. Yep the same thought occurred to me too. It made it memorable but... also made it 'novelty'. I mean if he'd farted the chorus (which would no doubt still have been perfectly in tune) then that would be memorable and 'hooky' too but...
  8. Yeah I found that one too... and I liked it a lot until....he started doing that weird thing with his tongue...that totally wrecked it. If he'd posted in the Critique section here first then I'd have told him so, and then it would have been a better song/performance
  9. Don't know how I found this on YouTube but I love it.. so I'm listening to it...
  10. Highway To Hell - AC/DC covered by Wing. Even better than the original.
  11. My PM inbox should be working again... sorry if anyone tried to message me and couldn't. The enormous volume of fan mail had filled it up.

    1. MonoStone

      What? Me? The inbox? Or that I have so much fan mail? 

    2. MonoStone

      Surprise surprise.. . The unexpected hits you between the eyes... Cilla Black. 

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