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  1. You have some protection for making it, you get some more, irrefutable protection by going to the copyright office. This is, therefore, probably a scam.
  2. It was an interesting read, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Can anyone at least tell me what file format and size I should be looking for? 1500 x 1500?
  3. How do you make good iTunes cover art for a comedy album? Anyone know an example?

  4. Hey Songstuff! You're the experts on all things music sales I believe, so I'd like your opinion. I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions for what makes a good iTunes Cover Art, both from a creator and buyer perspective. I think there are people on here who both sell music, some who buy music, and some who do both! Who has the best cover art you've ever seen? What do you look for that makes you buy? What seems to be a trend of successful cover art? Any examples to go look at? Which cover art of yours worked the best? Any and all suggestions and comments are helpful! Thank you very much!
  5. I'm really happy! I have 50 subscribers and 0 videos lol. I'm working on recording right now :)

  6. Thank you for the compliments and the constructive criticism. I see your point. We don't paint the animation, but how would you represent using a computer program to animate?
  7. I've uploaded my YouTube channel art, finally: http://www.youtube.com/user/Thrashimation

  8. We're still working on a slogan! Any ideas? It is a guitar with a paintbrush because we do music, yes, but all of our videos are animated, hence the paintbrush. Thanks for the interest
  9. Songstuff forum goers! I've been on here for several weeks now and have made a lot of feedback for other songs, and also learning about the music industry, getting your valued opinion! Well today, my YouTube channel that is launching this September made another huge step forward! We finally finished our channel art and have uploaded it to our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Tell me what you think of it (we'd love some feedback!), and if you enjoy comedic music, give us a subscribe, a like, and/or a follow! Thank you so much for reading. -The Thrashimation Brothers YouTube Facebook Twitter
  10. That was really nice! Congratulations on your album
  11. Hi all, I'm curious if any of you have experience with the digital music distributor MondoTunes (as opposed to CD Baby, Tunecore, Reverb Nation, Ditto Music, *spamming website*, etc.). After a lot of research, MondoTunes seems like the best fit, but I wanted to make sure there aren't any unpleasant surprises to uncover if I go with them to put my music up on digital stores. What do you guys think? Who do you use? Thanks for the input!
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