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  1. Excellent way of putting it. I remember having a bit of a panic attack trying to remember the words just before playing a song and I was convinced my mind was going to draw a blank. But as soon as you start playing and just don't over think it, it just comes out.
  2. lmao I believe I could find a fair few people willing to foot punch me in the nuts :-p I sadly can't whistle either!
  3. I use Apogee Mic on my iPhone...mostly because I'm technologically retarded and don't know anything about getting a decent set up on my computer :-p
  4. So one thing that really bugs me about my voice is that I can't do a falsetto. Literally, nothing comes out. I can feel pressure in my throat but no note or sound of any kind comes out. If I continue to really try and force it out my voice ends up breaking and I get a random chest note instead. I find that every now and then I can get some kind of falsetto if I've been singing for hours and my vocal chords and been been warmed up...but if I do then it's incredibly airy, there's a range of about two notes and I really have to force it out. So does anyone have any idea of what I can do to get a falsetto into my repertoire? Do you think it's a health/medical thing or is it just a case of being properly warmed up and relaxed?
  5. An awesome country artist called Slaid Cleaves joked about this, saying there's a big difference between writing your own songs and remembering your own songs. Oh so true.
  6. I prefer finger picking or/and using my thumb to strum...I'm much more comfortable doing that until I'm playing at an open mic and then my fingers turn to jelly.
  7. Welcome to the forums Simon Jones :)

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