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  1. I like Mac more, but I'm unsure that its any 'better'. I think part of the debate lies in the fact that there's a lot more cheap PC's than Macs (as in, none), so I'm not sure that it's really a fair and level playing field.
  2. Cool! Baxter's a good friend of mine, neat to run into this!
  3. I agree with John, plus when you pay for views you miss that whole sense of accomplishment. The reward of a high view count for your effort is an important motivation to keep doing your best to turn out good content.
  4. I just bit the bullet on Logic Pro X recently. Gotta say, so far I really like it. Wish they had the control app for iPhone too instead of just iPad though. The stock plugins are really nice.
  5. Do it! Let's see those plans! Update when you finish it too!
  6. you'll likely need an adapter to plug your dynamic into something like the 004, and I'm unsure if you'll get enough gain without a preamp to get a useable sound. unless it's one of those karaoke mics with a 1/4 plug on it... check out the zoom H4N, it has preamps on it, they're actually not half bad either. it's priced only slightly high than the 004 (at least what I'm seeing for canadian prices anyway...) I think the H4N also works as an interface if you wanted to do any commuter recording too. I've used one before with pretty good results!
  7. One thing I hear a lot of people talk about is waiting for their lucky break. Don't wait for opportunity to come to you, as a good friend of mine is fond of saying 'the harder you work, the luckier you get'. Working hard isn't enough though, you need to work smart too. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how hard you work either if you aren't working towards the right things. Sit down and write out your goals, how you're going to achieve them and set a time line. Be realistic with it, and when the first deadline comes up, re-evaluate the timeline (this should be a constant thing, timeline will always be changing). If you haven't met your goals figure out what happened and why it didn't work, if you did reach your goals think about any problems you met and how you solved them. You need to divide you the artist from you the business and put just as much work into each side.
  8. Reaper has an unlimited free trial, you're supposed to pay after 30 days, but theres no penalty for not... Still, it's only $50 and it's a great program. I used it for more than 30 days and just bought it as soon as I was able... It's a fully featured DAW, so great value.
  9. Looks great Tom! That Award certificate on the door is for Editor of the year right??
  10. A variation on what seems to be a fairly popular series on various other forums. Doesn't need to be a pro space, let's see where ya'll record your demo's and your next hit singles!
  11. I have 6, 3 acoustics and 3 electrics. The electrics are an Epi LP custom that needs some work... a Godin Freeway Classic and an Ibanez AFS semi-hollow. the Ibanez is by far my favourite, but they're all decent guitars. The three acoustic are an Ibanez EW, a Crafter (don't know the model...) and an old Arthur Hensel Artist guitar from the 30's that I'm taking to get restored soon. The Hensel is by far the nicest sounding of the 3, and once the luthier's done with it I have no doubt the other 2 will probably be retired...
  12. I'm not sure, but I certainly hope so. Some friends went over to the court house and waited around to meet the accused with rainbow flags and banners. There's a website set up with information and whatnot for anyone who's interested.... (I hope this isn't considered spam, if it is I'll happily remove the link....) Edit* ((well, maybe not 'happily' but compliantly at the least)) http://www.supportscottjones.com/
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