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  1. I think you have a gift for rhyme and conveying emotion but I think it has been done so many times that's probably why you're not getting a good response. People don't want to be reminded of their weaknesses so you probably have reached a lot of people. They just don't want to face their own demons. My first published lyric was about addiction but it was one of those stories of hope even though it was very much like this one. It dealt more with the spiritual aspect. Not religion, but the question of not asking the right questions. So, like you, I expressed my own guilt and self deprecation but kind of went deeper into why addiction is so hard to combat and how it breaks down the psyche until eventually the person doesn't care anymore. Anyway, just my 2 cents. Very nice structure and rhyme!! Bryan
  2. Very nice write Rebel!! You really captured a lot of emotion in this. It makes me think of a lyric I wrote in another genre about being "thankful for a lota things I ain't got". All the best, Bryan
  3. Hey Peggy, Sounds great!! I wish you all the success you can find!! It is always a pleasure to read your lyrics and now to soon be able to hear them will be awesome!! Best of luck, Bryan
  4. Awesome song and performance Mahesh!! Living the dream man!! Kudos my friend. Keep on doing what you feel!! All the best, Bryan
  5. Doesn't anyone else cheat like I do??? I write my lyrics to other peoples music. LOL That's how musically inclined I am. I love music and it has influenced my life ever since I could listen to the radio but I couldn't make up my own tune if I had a gun held to my head. I applaud all who can!! If not for you people I would never have started writing. All the best, Bryan
  6. Hey V, I know I'm really late in posting to your Blog but I just noticed that SS had a Blog section??? LOL Anyway, You really hit on a topic I am passionate about when you said your family isn't supportive. I never really gave it a lot of thought before but my family, even though they would always try to seem interested in what I did, they really never cared one way or another. I don't know which is worse. When they come right out and tell you that they don't believe in you or they just ignore you?? I think the ignoring makes a person resentful and angry but the disbelief hurts in a much deeper way. My wife was always told by her family that she "couldn't do it". Or that it wasn't something that a girl should be doing. I think they really just didn't want to be bothered with her. She was adopted by the way. Well, I hope you had a really good holiday season and look forward to viewing more of your work on SS. If you have time please check out my new Blog. I am starting one here to promote my book release, hopefully this month, but I'll let everyone know when it happens. All the best V, Bryan
  7. Hey Gary, As you probably know from reading a lot of my lyrics that I am an inspirational writer with no deadlines. In fact I have a stack of about 10 or 12 unfinished lyrics at any given time sitting on my desk. I do understand and have had to use the planed writing system, ie: outline and so forth when writing my two manuscripts. Not so much on the first. That really kind of hit me out of the blue but in a way was already set up in my head because I based it on my own life and experiences. I guess I could also consider myself very fortunate because I usually have a pretty steady flow of inspiration for lyrics. Probably because I had such a f'd up life for so long when I was younger. lol Anyway, I'm really glad you started this thread and I know I'll always take something good away from any of your posts!! All the best, Bryan
  8. Hey Boss, Maybe this isn't getting any response because it really isn't a lyric. You might try posting it on the poetry board or misc. I think you did a good job as far as an essay is concerned. Bryan
  9. So we beat on... boats against the current, borne back, ceaselessly... into the past.

  10. Welcome to the forums BK Williamson :)

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