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  1. when you are doing 90%+ it yourself that a whole lot of work and time. So far I have done everything myself except the ceiling drywall and some of the outer walls which me and friends did together and painting which my dad did because I cant paint (more paint on the floor than the wall i'm painting and more paint on me than either of the other two).
  2. Here are some updates on the studio progress. There are 4 rooms a 210 sq. ft. "L" shaped tracking / control room 35 sq. ft isolation booth 90 sq. ft tracking / bedroom 16 sq. ft bathroom. The walls are double frame MSM system with 1/2" durock and r-13 fiberglass on the outside and r-13 fiberglass and then 1/2" osb 3/8" plywood and then 5/8" drywall. The ceiling is vinyl tile and tar paper along with 1/2" particle board then 3/4" oak flooring then 3/4" foam board with green glue and r-19 fiberglass in between the joists and then RC-8 resilient channel to decouple the ceiling from the floor above then 3/8" plywood and then 3/4" oak plywood. All of the audio outlets are are one phase and are isolated ground and the common ground outlets, ventilation fans, and lights are on the other. the 240 v mini-split ac will share both phases however. All rooms other than the bathroom bathroom have audio connections xlr and trs and trs headphone connections. the main console is a soundcraft gb-32 32 channel mixer. here are some pics of the the progress half way finished 3/4 of the way finished Almost done
  3. if you record the classical music yourself then your friend would be right , as long as it's not under copyright which most of it is not under copyright. But you cannot use some one else's recording as that would be copyright infringement on their recording unless you pay them and get a license
  4. I use GHS and D'addario strings on my steel string guitars. MAINLY GHS phospher bronze in a light gauge (.56-.11). The GHS sound bright and are not to slippery. I used to use martins until had several packs of them stored in a small plastic storage container with the lid on in the their special anti-rust packaging you guessed it ... RUST!!! They were only there for less than 1.5 years, so no more martins for me. MY round neck resonator is tuned C2 G2 C3 E3 G3 D4 i use only D' addario strings on that because they are only the string manufacturer who makes individual strings over a .60 gauge (they make up to a .70) and My C2 string requires a .66 gauge to have proper tension and not be floppy. My custom set for that is .66, .47, .36 .30, .24, .16
  5. Thanks for all of the replies sorry to start the theory argument I didn't mean to. I guess my mind is making me prefer those keys. I keep singing in them so why would it not? I will try to make my mind like key of A though sure would make my mandolin and violin happier!!
  6. Thanks for the reply rudi Actually, The keys of A#, B#, D#, E# and G# don't actually exist and neither does Fb. If A key has a double sharp or flat in it it does not exist (no F##'s or C##'s or Bbb's). It can have the notes B#, E#, Cb and Fb though. There are 12 natural C the 4 sharp keys G, A, D, E, The four flat keys , F, Bb, Ab, Eb, and the three enharmonic keys B/ Cb, C#/ Db, and F#/ Gb The D# scale D#, E# F##, G#, A#, B#, C## D# The Eb scale Eb F G Ab Bb C D Eb Much nicer notation!!
  7. By G capo 1 I mean using Chords for the Key of G with the capo on the first fret to make key of Ab a flat key which sounds MUCH better than G shaped chords on the 2nd fret to Make Key of A a sharp key Same for C shaped chords on frets 1 and 2 Db sounds better than D. I also sing better in key of Ab as opposed to A and key of Db as opposed to D.
  8. Myself as well as My karaoke instructor and most people in the audience and some people I have played for agreed I sing better in flat keys. My vocal range is about G3- B5 Although key of A is in my range I sing better in Ab although B is my range I sing better in Bb and C I sing better in Cb. These keys also sound brighter sharper and clearer when I play in them (the guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, lap steel or bass parts). G capo 1 sound much better to me than G capo 2. Capo 1 sounds bright sharp and clear, I sing wonderful in it. G capo 2 sounds dark, dull, and muddy I sing decent in it. Same for C capo 1 or C capo 2 any ideas as to why?
  9. If he's getting letters back then he's more then likely NOT sending out unsolicited demos (probably calling and asking first or emailing) as those go directly from the mailbox to the dumpster and no reply of any kind is given. If you are writing songs you think artists other than you would record then yes send to publishing companies otherwise no, it is a waste of time a money.
  10. .009's?? Damn I play finger style on my acoustic/ electric with low action and those are waaaaaaaaaay to light for me I use on my standard tuned guitars I use a .54 to a .11 set on my roundneck dobro tuned CGCEGD I use a .66 to a .16 custom set.
  11. I own the following stringed instruments 7 acoustic steel guitars 2 nylon classical guitars 2 roundneck resonator guitars AKA dobros 2 banjos 1 lap steel 1 acoustic bass guitar 1 mandolin
  12. I use it all the time I number all of my progressions with I II III IV V VI VII but you need to understand theory to use it. If you don't that the II III VI chords it any major key are minor and the when you see a II III or a VI number you should play a minor II III VI. Then this is not the system for you until learn more theory. Like a I V I II7 V7 I IV I I II V7 I I VI IV I V I Progression in key of G Major would be G D G A7 D7 G C G G Am D7 G G Em C G D7 G The number of the chords in the scale are ALWAYS in roman numerals and the variations of the chords 7th sus2 add2 sus4 add4 6th, Minor, Major, diminshed, 13th, ECT. are always written using decimal numbers and letters. The first A would be major because when you see as 7 you assume that the 7th is flat and the third is of major the scale even though A is minor in key of G a 7 dictates a major chord. The second is minor as well as the sixth because A and E are both naturally minor chords in the key of G major.
  13. I do not have any of my songs as I am building a recording studio and will have very good versions recorded in a couple of months. I have some old recordings of me playing and singing what i wrote but that was before I figured that I needed to vastly improve my singing, mainly enunciation of certain words (the ones that started with the letters A-Z) and the vocal instructor at the bars on friday at 7pm was infinitely cheaper than the 150 an hour for the vocal lessons I got quoted. Now thanks to the karaoke host at the bar err... I mean vocal instructor I have improved my singing ten fold. Sing like me not Dwight Yoakam!! That story was NOT a joke and a VERY cheap way to learn to sing (all karaoke host can sing and most can and are willing to teach you how!!). You have good fingerpicking skills are you classically trained? I noticed you use your pinky and very few people use all four fingers and thumb that often. Your playing is really good and so are the two originals you posted. It's nice to hear happy songs! I fingerpick with mainly my thumb and index and middle finger and sometimes use my ring finger mainly on round neck dobro. I have written 1000's of songs 100's of which I'd give at a b grade or higher to. But one of the c grades or lower could be the next "unchained melody", but I'd never know as I never liked "unchained melody"! Where are you located from the live oak and red bay trees in your movies your probably near me in In NorthWest Florida 45 min east of Panama City.
  14. My main talent is writing songs. I write the americana genre (Alt country / classic country/ bluegrass / folk/ blues/ a little southern rock). I do not have any recordings demos posted online yet (did but took them down) as I am the process of building a professional quality recording studio. I can play VERY well (studio musician well) the following instruments Guitar (fingerpicked /fingerstyle), Banjo (scruggs style), Dobro (both square neck and round neck also fingerpicked) and steel guitar, and can also play mandolin and bass (not as good as the others though). I can somewhat sing with a voice somewhere between Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam and have writing style somewhere between Dwight Yoakam and John Prine. as Dwight put it "Here's a sad song I wrote.. Oh wait their all sad here's another sad song I wrote". That's me. I would really like to make it as songwriter but my question is with my instrumental abilities and that fact that I can sing (not the best voice or range but have lots of emotion and can sing in key) with the current state of the music industry should I try to pitch my songs to other artists / singers or just sing myself? Which would be more profitable? I know of the future demise of the industry will there even be any demand for writers anymore or will they all be forced to lean to sing and play and become the artist themselves? Would forming a duo or trio be a better state than going solo? I have gigged numerous times and know now that is where the bulk of the money that the recording artist makes comes from. I was thinking that maybe a trio or duo would better for this as the fans could hear the same instruments played the same way / style as on the album. I don't want to have a full band because just like any other business I don't want employees aka "Band Members" that are costing more than their making me, which seems to be the case with most 4-6 member band these days. They that fail to realize that if they cut the one instrument and that useless drummer the remaining 3-4 members would have more money in their pockets and possibly be able to play smaller venues that pay just as well. But this all boils down to one question is their more money in someone else singing your song and is their anyone who would want to because they are not writing their own or are already using their own writing friends / house writers from the label? Or if you have playing and singing talent just record them yourself and get out and play them every night???
  15. I agree with you kel so many of my songs have been written by what drunks do what drunks say how drunks interact with things both real and imaginary
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