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  1. Thank you for commenting Aurora. I think you definitely have the gist of what my concerns are as well. I too think that someone, somewhere along the lines of production will catch a melody similarity. Hopefully anyway.
  2. Que Paso with my GuitarO! Leave me alone! It makes me sound better! Tequila is not for wusses dude!!!
  3. Caption Contest!! Do you have an awesome picture of you or your band that you would like to share? Enter our SongStuff caption contest!!! Send us your crazy pic or post them here. Maybe you were stage diving, playing guitar with your teeth, caught in a midair stage collision or just a pic that makes you go hmmmmm. We will choose the winning pics and use them to promote you or your band in conjunction with helping to advertise for SongStuff. Let's help each other out!!!
  4. Is it bad form to approach other writers/musicians etc. about collaborations through social media?
  5. When collaborating, do you find it too difficult to let go of a song and allow others to suggest changes? Is it more difficult with some songs than others?
  6. How can you reduce to one job and seem to have less time?...

    1. Mahesh

      Tell me about it. Really!

    2. scotsman89

      one job you loafer . it's about time management when you know how please pass the secret on

  7. Last day at 2nd job. Maybe just maybe I'll have time to breathe. If I don't just refill that time with something else.....

  8. Genius new song idea!!!! Now just to figure out how to start!!!!!!!

  9. 24 hours in a day!?! Where do they all go? I only count about 2!

  10. Show me your Songstuff Stuff! Post pics and videos of you and friends wearing your Songstuff t-shirts and gear here. It can be anywhere: on Stage, on a mountain top, roller coaster, wherever and however you show off your Songstuff pride! Let's see who can come up with the most clever and creative ways of displaying their love of Songstuff! Have Fun!! Please be safe! If you still need a SS shirt you can purchase one here ...http://www.cafepress.com/SongstuffMerch
  11. You can't just wait for your ship to come in; you have to get a boating license, rent a tug boat, hire a crew, buy a GPS, drive out to it, hook it up and drag it home! Then you have to figure out what the hell to do with it!

  12. It takes all kinds of kinds!!!!! Right?!?!

  13. I've heard about the Nashville Number System recently. They act like everyone uses it. I don't want to waste my time learning it if it is a scam. Does anyone use it? Is it difficult to learn? Is it all it's cracked up to be?
  14. I keep writing sad songs. WTH? I'm not sad!!!

    1. chloexs

      same with me, I don't know why maybe I just feel they have more depth? but i wuld still love to write a light hearted one some day :)

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