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  1. Ha-ha...Cheers Dude. Take it easy

  2. Liking your "thumbnail" ;)

  3. JimiVoltage


    Wicked! Someone has clearly taken the old shoebox & rubber bands method up a level or two...
  4. Cheers Dude, Yeah I've heard a few good things about Ampeg & I like the sound of the "cabinet simulation" but there have been a good number of suggestions - reckon the Beringer is well worth a look. Cheers All Yeah I was gonna DI & mike it up as well. I always like to mike up amps, but I had heard that DI'ing as well can help fill up the sound in the mix. Take it easy
  5. Hey Tom, I have to admit that when I clicked the link I was a bit surprised at the company. But as the case can be...don't knock it till you try it. Certainly worth a look, especially as it appears to produce the "I can't like this amp...but I can't find a fault" scenario! Just might have to take a disguise... Cheers Dude
  6. Cheers Dude, Ultimately it will come down to just going and trying a load out. But it's always cool to have a few ideas from what others have found... Thanks for the help, much appreciated Simon
  7. Hey, I'm looking to get a bass amp that can be used to record as well as jam with. Reckon I'll DI the bass as well because I've read this is pretty effective when using smaller amps. The sound is for a bluesy / 60's rock sound. Has anyone any suggestions? Budget will be around £300 (c.$600) Cheers
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