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  1. Thanks man apreciate it ! if you wanna har some vocals check me out at http://www.smule.com/BeenRadical
  2. Thanks homie , check my stuff out ! I think yull like it !
  3. Not a saint , a sinner Im drinkig paint thiner its clear that I aint a winner Im loosin myself Abusin my health So my life be choosin itself Stupid ive felt From birth to present day And its at its worse presentlaay Cuz my curse is sendin mee Death bound Im walkin through busy intersectioms woth my head down God why wont you take me for christ sakes I said now Maybe I wont go cuz I was destined to be the best ? Doubtful Cuz noone understands me like i was talkin with my mouthful When I was born momma said lets keep it Daddy said what is this Twenty years later im developing mental sickness To spit shit Rawr and uncanny Not fancy , dirty f*ck whatchya heard ! Ya heard me ? I move quick and shoot tips at kids with loose lips So yu talking to ? Who you walking to ? I lick shots when im standin right on top of yu So yo im out , with no doubt I kiss mine and yo mother with this dirty f*ckin mouth -SKINnBONES CHECK OUT MY SHIT ON AUTORAP User = BeenRadical
  4. I like it guy ! Seen alot of improvement in your rhymes ! Very creative Keep it up
  5. I like it guy ! Seen alot of improvement in your rhymes ! Very creative Keep it up
  6. Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We are inadequate Our Deepest Fear Is That We are Powerful Beyond Measure It is Our Light, Not our darkness that most frightens us. Either i express myself or i live dead sentence to 25 to life in this Muuhafkin head is it something that i said or something that i did ? cuz i cant seem to wake from this nightmare scared to fight fair cuz they might stair even though my problems are exactly like theirs But They don't wanna hear it but this page i wont clear it Success i must be near it Beacause i know i merit someone to listen cuz the shit that i'm spittin is iller than a mental condition and realer than anything anyone has ever written so when you see me , don't bother saying hi cuz i'm too busy waving at my life as it passes me by Dont know what failing is , cuz i dont got the balls to try maybe ill get one word in by the time that i die. Could really use a few suggestion on content and structure thank you LyricallyGifted.
  7. You don't wanna see me on your TV let alone be me Cuz im as wack as Eminem's last CD Told her eat me Cuz last time we f*cked it was pure extortion blown way outta proportion had to use a coat hanger to give you an abortion you can find me in the back of the club in the alley ,shooting up or snorting im talking illusion and distortion till the police be reporting he's dangerous ! He's Radical ! call the squad and tell em be tactical We want him dead, not alive i was too high to give five so i gave one f*ck You son
  8. Im very iimpressed with both your verses i see alot of potential , still need to toghten up several line but al in all keep the omin !
  9. Thanks man ! ill definetly work on it hey this is the beat I wrote it to if youd like to take a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jrtAiZ9Mk4
  10. Thanks man , yeah im working on it , but the beat i am using is pretty choppy though
  11. Rap contest back on ! Register and comment for admission

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IykuFXaK9zs Fist Verse to My first Single Hope you guys can really help me out with this one ! Dreams (0:23) can i kick it? can i bump to the rythm spittin something a little different ? do i need premission to , kick it to the children who are driftin through thinking they should be gifted too and lift them to , a new plautou just to let them know that even tho the worlds looking kinda rough sometimes the stars are looking up at us and as the wolrd turns , so do we so dont be , so quick to judge, and on your journey for your dreams dont forget to love. cause she has hers and he has his all meant to shine like little f*ckin kids (0:51) But we keep trading in , our dreams for wages and bids and im getting f*ckin pissed Cuz We need to stay true to the dreams of our youth cuz when tomorrow come you will still be you So Try to keep dreaming without hitting snooze So lemme hear you sing it , Cuz i know youve got the tools ! (1:08) LyricallyGifted AKA Unknown
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