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    I write rap lyrics
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    Eminem, tupac, biggie smalls, eazy e, nwa, dr.dre, D12, proof, R.I.P. proof!

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    Im into the rap genre.... I like old school rap, im 14 and I play basketball, I write rap lyrics
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  1. I feel dope again First time since way back then Confidence to the max multiplied by ten Finally coming out of the den Uh I'm now sicker than- you Where was you when i slumped? No where to be found, but that motivated me to do better and it got me pumped I got back up and since then i ain't been stumped! Look at these rappers how i rip em Why make scripts when you know imma flip em? They call me a freak cuz i like to visually f*ck these strippers for i strip em Man get these haters out of my mind, see the hate comments and i just skip em! f*ck you haters hold on I'll get back to y'all in a minute But this rap is dope and uh Y'alls f*ckin with a verse that's straight fire So you might wanna stay away from me while i got this kind of desire But it won't make no difference when i rip this verse and collaborate tonight and uh It's a catastrophy to feel the ground quake from the stage all the way to your house garage f*cker Pour gasoline on your grave ignite the dead kill zombies in a succor I started out with no respect for the lower class but i now realize it don't matter if you a rich man or a trucker Your raps suck, yeah your raps can suck even when your not suckin on a sucker! Now I'm climbing up don't give a f*ck if my pen gets stuck cuz that don't mean that i won't write anymore That means that I ain't rapping for fame, and i still got many raps in store When you feel so dope it ain't even cool for you to get excited with a verse anymore And people get pissed cuz you don't quit when they tried to drain you of confidence till you dropped to the floor! And you can never bring me down You'll never break my streak At any moment I'm bout wake And I'll just take my time Slammin on the brake Cuz I've taking all that i can take Give my word to god, i ain't showing no mercy, think you're better then verse me I don't give a f*ck, keep doin my shit, where was you when i fell and needed help up!
  2. I wanna be famous well that's okay ain't it? Yeah, cuz life's a blank picture and then we just f*ckin paint it Some love the life they live while others live to regret it Wake up every morning n dread it You can spit the dopest shit and still get 0 credit But at the end of the day I'm grateful for what i got I try to put some emotions in my raps when i jot When i think of something hot I just pick a spot, and attempt to connect dot to dot But if i don't win i get so pissed Because every time you fail is an opportunity missed Diss me and I'll put you on my waiting list Then when i get to you imma let my thoughts twist Imma leave you with battle scars, yeah slit wrist Only then will you be dismissed
  3. V. Sometimes i just don't know Days go slow If i wanna rap fast i just turn on my turbo and let it go Shut up hoe im here to watch the show Zone out till the rooms darker than a crow No way you can interfere with this flow! C. everybody listen up ~ to the rhythm of the word take a hit from a shot ~ take a trip to the top everybody listen up ~ to the rhythm of the word cause it aint gonna stop if you're ready or not V. Now sometimes i get a little sloppy with this shit Im only fourteen and im ready to commit On this site nobody's wittier with the wit Wanna ass whippin? Dont ask for it Because im already delivering it bit by bit! C. everybody listen up ~ to the rhythm of the word take a hit from a shot ~ take a trip to the top everybody listen up ~ to the rhythm of the word cause it aint gonna stop if you're ready or not V. For awhile i had writers block So frustrating it, it threw me into shock Yeah it took some time off my clock So yall think it's safe to diss me? What you think i live under a rock? Nah, man i just left to restock!
  4. When im rapping, things get so intense Go all out and swing for the fence Im getting impatient, im ready to commence Im just ready to begin But where do i begin? So many raps wadded up and thrown in a trash bin Angers growing thin Ain't even made it yet and i already feel like a has been my career is still in the first stage So young i still ain't even been onstage So young man i ain't even at the drinking age But im just ready to flip the page Pages constantly flipping All the sweat that dripped They say stick to the script But what happens when script has been flipped And the meaning has been stripped Now you're left with nothing even though you feel like you just reequipped Sometimes you just gotta admit when you've been whipped So much pain, when your feelings have been ripped!
  5. Maybe i should just call it quits All these haters done read the blitz He spits and they suddenly get the fritz No one can f*ck with his wits Cuz his wits are just way too witty And everything you spit compared to me is way too shitty It's such a pity Cuz things were just about to get gritty But now you just made a mess Rappin with so much finesse Express to impress But nevertheless Failure comes way before success Chorus: All these dreams seem unrealistic Society today is so materialistic So pissed imma bout to go ballistic I trust my instinct f*ck a statistic! I feel like nothin i do is ever good enough Look at this boy standin tough Thinkin he's hot stuff Go ahead and call my bluff Dude stop actin buff Lookin like a f*ckin marshmallow fluff!
  6. People say that rap is a profession But to me rap is an obsession Boy im back for an executive session When he raps he has so much aggression Like a protester in the great depression... I feel like once i start i just can't stop Rap is dead it's all f*ckin hip hop Sit back and wait for the bass too drop Spit a little and do a quick mic swap And im not giving up until i come out on top! Might as well just quit cuz you can't win I made outta steel, bitch you made out of tin Blank sheet of paper best believe imma explode with the pen
  7. Oh f*ck, blown out transmission Tryna count up all my syllables Is some crazy-ass addition This mothaf*cka must be Some kind of mathematician Blow up on the mic Still get no recognition Like a guy that hates kids But becomes a pediatrician Best believe that im the definition Of true competition More stuck up than a f*ckin politician I'll leave this crowd shocked Call me an electrician No such thing as luck Nah, f*ck supersticion People love me cuz im the climax And you're the exposition I've obviously won Now imma go re-stock my ammunition
  8. f*ck it this time im not makin a little snippit Nah im gonna grab this problem by the ass and nip it Cant f*ck with this script, nah you aint able to flip it Im gonna take your best punchline and whip it! Yeam still young so im still learnin Start spittin and your stomach starts turnin Flow so fluid i got birds f*ckin chirpin Once he starts he cant stop so ya better close the curtain He's crazy as f*ck He never gets stuck Got a hockey stick so you better believe he gots the puck Yeah go ahead and say its luck Yeah boy he likes to tuck So you might wanna learn how to dodge,sway,and duck Yeah better learn how to sway Cuz no one heres gonna save your life, nah i dont see the fray This time imma make sure i secure a spot Lets f*ck with the little white boy nah you better not Lyrics so hot they smokin why you smokin pot You may have lost but atleast you tried Wait, no you didnt little bitch you cried Wow mothaf*cka cant believe you lied Im just glad that youre not ridin by my side Yeah boy i'll stretch yo lyrics out so wide
  9. Welcome to the forums Reaper :)

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