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  1. I have been screaming/yelling about two and half years ago, without any proper technique. After a few months I stopped due to pain in my throat. Today, everytime I try to scream or sing with some grit (of course, with the correct techniques) I still have the pain back for like hour. And if I sing loud and clean for like fifteen minutes, I will have a vague pain.. Can somebody help me to recover this or suggest me what to do?
  2. I see.. Well.. I will try doing something asap. Thanks!
  3. But where do I begin with this stuff? Because I do want to learn Cubase (http://forums.songstuff.com/topic/35779-request-musical-bits-for-cubase/), but I don't know how and where to start with.
  4. I have no equipment, as I don't even know what I could possibly do with it. I have guitar, that's all.
  5. Can someone share with me some free-ways to download on the PC some bundles of bits for Cubase? I really wanna try out and learn how to make music with the Cubase 5, but I don't know where to find some freeware. Thanks a lot!
  6. Thank you two, you both had some warm words. @justsoulin - I will take your advice for my consideration and fulfillment. @symphonious7 - I am grateful for your comment, and it is intriguing to listen such stories from people like you. I hope you will be able to help me in some points, and even if it sounds impossible, if I ever could of be helpful for you, I will be there to serve. I am seriously into the guitar right now, as I play approximately a hour and half daily, and I put effort in what I do, even in the boring stuff. And I hope I am enough gifted and talented to pursue this dream in future. I came to this community purposely to learn from people like you.
  7. Hello, I am trying to find a suitable chord for Am, C and Em. It is a four-chord song, so if you could give me something handy, I would be pleased. If possible, please share an easy chord, as I am not really prepared yet to make masterpieces on my guitar. Thanks a lot!
  8. Sup fellas? I am new for this forums. And I would like to introduce myself. I am Arthur Barshay, and I am 16 years of age. I am a beginning guitarist and I try to sing vocal-ably. I am not bad at writing songs, atleast that's what other people say. I am trying to learn, gain knowledge and experience, hopefully to ever pursue my dream that seems for now like unreachable, to be a famous musician. I have a lot of things in my mind, I think that the best part of me that could contribute to a musical career, is not my musical experience, nor my voice, but the things I have to say, and the things I am trying to bring. I am a creative guy, which could of remind some of your old punk fellas (Kurt Cobain and such, only by the character), although I personally think (humbly) that I have some more to share with the world, due to my spiritual enlightenment, my political affiliations and my philosophical interest. By saying that I am creative, I have on my mind some ideas of mixing variety of musical genres, commercializing it while encrypting some wisdom to the audience. But that's all just in theory, until I will be a pro musician, haha.. Anyways, thank you for reading this, and hopefully we will meet at the threads on forums, and discuss. Humbly, Arthur Barshay, The Edgeman.
  9. Welcome to the forums The Edgeman :)

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