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    As far as artists who have influenced my style, the list would have to include Neil Young, John Prine, James Taylor, Ian Anderson and Cat Stevens. More than once I have been told I remind listeners of James Taylor and so far I have refrained from incredulous laughter.

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  1. Lots of good stuff here. Many times when new fans ask 'where can I find/buy/hear your music, I'm amazed at how many blank looks I get, even from 20-somethings when I say I'm on reverbnation and soundcloud. They want a CD (and maybe those even older than me want LPs!). I am dirt poor and can't afford much but $0.57 per disc, even I can afford that.
  2. Absolutely 100% bogus!! If the company thought they could make money off of your material, whatever form it is in, they would be offering you money up front, not the other way around. Anytime you are asked for money to publish or record something that you intend to sell, if they want money, that means they don't think you're going to sell anything, or that they don't have any means to help you in anyway other than cashing your check.
  3. Wow, Mike, thanks for correcting my misconceptions about rentals! While my area (Hampton Roads VA) is not a particularly 'folky' area, acoustic music does pretty well. Not sure who rents sound equipment around here, but there's three pretty big music stores in the area, so I'm sure one of them can hook me up, and even if I had to drive 50-60 miles to get it, it would still make financial sense. And I get a chance to actually test drive the equipment before plunking down a grand or two to buy it. Plus, on the dark side, if I flop (possible but not likely) I haven't wasted my money on a pricey setup. Thanks again for the input!
  4. Thanks for the input, Tom. My professional buddies also tell me to go shure, and I know from my years in FM radio that they can take a severe beating (lets just be honest and call it abuse). As for the amp, I am pretty sure the Fender acoustic has independent channels and of course it has reverb, its a fender. The only systems I see at open mics are of course more complex than my needs dictate, with multiple monitors, channels for multiple instruments and mics, etc. If I join a band I'll make sure someone else has the necessary equipment ! I suppose my next step is to visit my friendly local music store and actually plug my axe into some amps and see what comes out. As for renting a system, Mike, I have thought of that but at present my income from solo gigs is unlikely to cover the cost. Just looking to take the next step. I got songs, I got fans, I just need to pay for all of my guitars!
  5. I have been doing open mics for a few months now and am ready to accept some live gigs, only I have no PA/sound system. My budget is ridiculously limited ($500 might put me on the street) so I really can only afford an amp and a mic. I am a solo performer, no second mic needed, and if i can get away with having no monitor, I would prefer that. Wee are talking small venues here, maybe you could cram a hundred people in them, max size of about 45 X 30 feet. My guitar has a soundhole pickup (acoustic only) although I have a foot pedal that can boost and EQ the sound if neccessary. Any reccommendations for an amp or mic that might meet these needs? Musicians' Friend and other sellers say a Fender Acoustic pumping 75-80 watts is sufficient. Any ideas?
  6. Welcome to the forums stringdreamer :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

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