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    Writing fiction, playing guitar, singing, songwriting, Tae Kwon Do, swordfighting with friends (hey, 3/4" wooden dowels don't sting all [i]that[/i] much...), cooking gourmet meals for friends... I have varied interests.
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  1. For me, principally the style of Green Day, Blink 182, and Three Days Grace, in that order. I am also very impressed by the dual guitar line harmony of Breaking Benjamin, but it's hard to mimic that without a band. Lyrically, I don't have any real influences. For vocal style... eh, a combination of Billie Joe Armstrong and Adam Gontier, although I have been told my voice sounds a lot like Chester Bennington.
  2. Threndor


    Eh, you'll get there. Just keep practicing. (BTW- three-person bands are awesome.) Where is your band based?
  3. One thing that is extremely clichéd and should be avoided is ANY REFERENCE TO BURNING LOVE LETTERS/PHOTOGRAPHS/MEMORIES. It seems to be the most overused metaphor in the music industry. In fact, almost any reference to fire has to be carefully thought out because it can very easily sound cliché.
  4. I've been browsing here a while, but I couldn't find much on specific brands/types of recording equipment. I've been feeling rather glum over my attempts thus far; I've been trying to record songs using Audacity as my program, a Radioshack $20 microphone, and a musciciansfriend.com $80 pre-amp. I think Audacity might be a little screwed up in itself, since recording channel-by-channel gives me a slight time lag towards the beginning of the layers. Plus, the mike is fairly unreliable and fluctuates the sound like you wouldn't believe. I am able, through multiple amplifications and then normalizations, get a fairly uniform volume, but then the sound quality is scratchy and there's a perpetual buzzing in the background. Now that I'm finished complaining, I would like to get some recomendations for good equipment, particularly a mike and recording program.
  5. It's surprising to me how many people here are professionals.
  6. I'll have to check it out at the library. I'm not just going to buy it...
  7. That's a darn long verse. I'd like to see those lyrics posted here for review.
  8. I don't think there's any hard-and-fast rule about them. Like they said, just do what feels best.
  9. What patterns do you use most often for rhyming in your songs? I personally use A B C B most often, but I've had songs where I've done A B A B, A B C B D D E E, or even one time where the last line of every verse and chorus all rhymed with each other but nothing else. What's your favorite?
  10. I'd say about 60% of my songs make it to completion. I try to finish my songs quickly, but it usually takes a couple weeks for lyrics, and then probably half an hour for music. Of course, being pretty new to songwriting, it should change within a few months, but how, I don't know.
  11. Something I've noticed is that the lyrics I've written that I don't think are crap are the ones I wrote under a heavy period of stress about myself in the stressful situation. Currently I'm working on writing good lyrics without the stress part, but hey, as far as inspiration goes, nothing does it for me like a shot of emotional instability.
  12. Thanks. The name is from a short novel I wrote last year (Star Wars fan fiction- it netted me five awards on the website where I posted it). I'm into soft rock, acoustic rock, and a few select bands that don't fit under those categories, namely Green Day (new sound, i.e. 1997-present), Northern Room, Anberlin, Linkin Park (Minutes to Midnight ONLY) and Yellowcard. Personally, most of what I have been writing so far is of the ballad genre, with an exception or two. Three months ago a friend observed that I should just record everything I'd written and release it under the album title "I Screwed Up." That should tell you something about my typical theme, although I'm trying to break that habit.
  13. Hello all, I am a 16-year-old white male living in the United States (specifically, the state of Wisconsin[state motto- "You'll smell the cows"]), a Christian, and a beginning guitar player and songwriter. I joined this site mainly to seek help in developing my lyric-writing skills, which are... well, what you'd expect from a 16-year-old combined with what you'd expect from a beginner.
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