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  1. *Instead, you're out here saying it's cool to smoke weed..
  2. What's up Andrew, I just See. Jah guides Ive actually recorded something with part of the lyric on Soundcloud. Check it out, if you'd like soundcloud.com/alejandrobejarano/i-swear-to-god
  3. Project2wo, a local place near you? I appreciate you guys for reading. God bless
  4. I appreciate the advice, man. I guess Im just lazy then, I have put up 2 tracks on Soundcloud(1 which was my 1st recording & first lyric) but I wasn't even able to realize that the beat helps me with creating the lyric for the hook haha, now I can get to it. Jah Bless
  5. I'm sorry, I forgot to ask. Can anybody help me with the content I've uploaded by giving them the structure they need.. As an into verses, maybe add hooks, etc. i'd appreciate it greatly

    1. Blazeit27

      I understand that my serious lyric comes across more as poetry.. Where I just write thougths down, which is why I had trouble turning them into tracks. I've made a few mixes to 'spit' over but i was never pleased hearing my lyric because I feel they need structure.

    2. Blazeit27

      I understand, thank you tunesmithth. Jah Bless

  6. "Opponent":Aight so let me get on the micro-phona Cause i spit a colorful game like a 24 pack of crayolas Catch me in a benz i catch your bitch ass in a 1990 carolla im locked up in a four cell confinement shits razor blade making perfect coke alignments me: What mic bitch, you doing nothing but type-ping.. you talking about crayons im acting on snyping.. you got no benz & you do no coac. you call yourself a kush-smoker but you don't even toke, you think you're hard & everything, but to me you're just a joke .. Any opponent against me, vanishes like smoke. "Opponent": Well you doing the same say shit as me typing You weak like rain my barz come down striking you with lightening. I got 2 thoughts But its waste Cause all you doing is google a search for raps so ill give you time to cut and paste. You stay smoking stress f*ck it i think your the only white boy with a life mess I stay with the best You know cali on the west This is a test but you keep failing Air freshinner ina bag faget nigga 5 minuet inhailing. me:But I never said I was on the mic stupid dyke. You would recognize stress, the only difference is this is Colombian stress. This is grown way better so it's more like Kush to you. & No faggot, i don't need any glue. All my raps are mine, & they come straight from my mind. you ain't shit but an immigrant-f*ck up.. Talking about my life? Playa, shut the f*ck up. You think selling hot dogs in the corner is success ? Ha. lemme tell you how it feels being the best.. Everyday I go out here, I'm making or spending money.. If you think you do the same, My boy you're too funny. Your paychecks in those pair of breast being held by that hunny.. Everyday I'm picking up a new ounce; I match with my cousin, then I bounce.. pick up a bitch or two, and I'm foreal too. I ain't like you, Talking about lightening but you're weak in your rhyming,. You suck at flowing, can't keep nothing going.. All your spits are wack, you sound like a Fony. Don't f*ck with me, I giive stripes like Tiger Tony. But for you I'll throw some strikes down your neck & homie, you won't know me. I'll drag you to the border, drop you off on some corner.. Make it look like an accident, make it look like an order. Him: I admire the shit you say Come out the closet no pussy we know you gay Pick up my trash at mc donalds dont forget the tray. I spit fire you a dragon ill slay Columbian bitch mexican f*ck it olay You run ill stay. Talking about drinking and f*cking My bullet lyrics you keep ducking Faggots like you keep dick sucking I aint on no border Green light on your head ill order. f*ck it im a savage im mental Stay up on my shit you can im presidential. Applying for a job ? Huh drink smoke Cant you got no credentials. But f*ck it f*cking is a main job ill beat you shit taped to corner asking for help you'll sob. I know your ending Mixed emotion on a bottle you keep sending Your girl im tending Smoking for you its trending. pushing mangos smoothie blending So stop you suck cats out the bag stop pretending. Me:What did I just say ? why can't you spit real ? You know you barely have enough for your next meal.. I ain't ever ran or snitched... I rather snatch your life & then your bitch. Have her sell herself, make me money while im chilling , living well. You'll never succeed, Even if you think it feels good to make 5 off a bag of weed. You'll never get far, you'll never get passed me. You're just a wanna-be tagger, I'll have you killed while you sleep. Ha. You're on none of my girls' level. Mention them again, I'll have you meet an actual Devil. He'll be a family friend. He'll become your brand new trend.. Those "bullet" lyrics, are just blanks; You've never really smoked dank. & To everything you've ever written, you will never owe a thanks. It won't ever do anything for you, seriously nigguh, catch a clue. Don't get something started you'll later rue.. Battling me is not your place to try to be in. You should be in a school bathroom cleaning; Since You're talking about applying for jobs, Child, I'm becoming the Boss. You're nothing but a traditional faggot.. Talking about shit he don't know, you'll never transform. You'll always be a maggot. School is what you need, intsead, you're out here saying it's cool to smoke weed.. Kid, you're as dumb as stupid gets.. Idiots like you are the ones who end up lying in blood-beds.
  7. Wassup Bronzerebel; my critique is as you continue to write, try to stay on one perspective or way of looking at the 'situation.'(or what I 'believe' is expressed here). Been shining for a while but I know shining has its fee My glare blinds at times, can't be sure of where I'll be.. I saw god's eyes and yet I couldn't see I told him people thought I should leave He only Showed to disagree. He just pointed his finger, in anger toward me; like I just took the fall for Eve Then he just let me go, & had me fall with Eve. he didn't recycle, he just threw me back into this world of transparencies As he said "yeah, you fell yesterday but today I'll bring you to the top, cuz stars don't go under a-tree" Then, as he put me on the peak, he stomped on some leaves.. Saying "I'm displaying my glory through you, now Go my son. this is your reprieve" Blowing his Truth at my right side, from my shoulder the devil took his leap. (he promised that he'll meet me for real one day, glued this pen to my hand when I didn't agree Then he gave me his 10 digits, told me to call him if someone ever said my success be a monopoly Gave me a direct line so I could reach him properly) im thinking you should replace or remove these two lines Screamin' my heart into a speaker, yeah a rebel's prophecy. My bad if im wrong about your intended expression brother. Just trying to help Jah Bless
  8. Man, I don't know why people these days stay bitchin'.. I got these words on the tip of my toungue, they stay itchin'.. They're trying to come out, wanting to be spit.. Well here it go, drown in 'em cuss to me you ain't shit. What's the matter, never seen a rapper with long hair? Well im right here, and i ain't going anywhere.. Apparently, some bitch is trying to do witchcraft on me.. But it doesn't work that way, see: She's barely getting to that E, I'm passed the F.. Now I'm leaving the G. There's certain levels you have to get to before reaching my toes.. My name is Alejandro but the home girl calls me Flow. I like to rap alot & Love to smoke that Droe'.. When I'm told to sop, I don't listen.. I just Go. I'm always trying & reaching for the Gold; In with the New, Out with the Old. There's no Freezing me, I'm already way too cold.. Staying Fresh, you're kind of growing mold. If I stop rapping's cuss I get bored, you stopped rapping cuss you had no more.. Now, if you're still asking for that ecstasy.. That's that old shit. The new shit's me. It ain't like it was, son. It's how it's supposed to be.. All real, let's close the deal. Is that 187, Simple-ass crime that sends alottah playas to heaven. Or hell.. f*ck it, same shit. Oh well. I stopped caring, even if i hear them yell.. Didn't you know that a soul's one thing you do not sell? Too f*cking late now. It's the price you pay to make bitches say 'wow..' That's what you get for following dumb crowds: Now you can't say you were fouled, Cuss' you were warned.. Right when your little hormones started to form. You were taught what was right and what was wrong. You were told not to be hitting this bong.. But sometimes, bad paths take you to good places.. So imma speed up, going faster than police chases.. And more f*cking violent than texas.. And his chainsaw, dayum my mind races. Sometimes i can't even catch up, Shit leaves me behind even with a headstart. That's cuss it doesn't wait, it hates the slow.. This is why, when you're attempting to talk.. im ready to Flow; Not about how much money i make.. or how many hoes. I spit for my mind since it can't for itself. My spits stay true so they stay on the top shelf.. Unreachable by all these rap-elves; They're not ready.. Somebody call jerry.. Springer, to spring up the winter.. Cuss' I go in deep like a goddamn splinter. I hurt. Left alot of bitches burnt.. Then I tweaked, & I smoked, i drank and damm im now turnt.. (I Just Don't Know Anymore... I really don't know what waits for me.. In the next door.. Flow.)
  9. (Flow, once again.. up in this. you know there's so many f*cking things going on right now. not much time. I can't even think straight.. f*ck it. [Third Path.] been there..done that.. now I'm here.) Decisions, decisions.. I'm getting so many visions. So many paths to take, to accomplish my missions.. I don't have time to think about petitions Or faith to waste, believing predictions. I'm gunnah do what I'm here to do.. Whether it's before, during, or after you; I'm gunnah take what I have to take. There's no pausing, stopping, or taking a break. If you have something against me, My advice remains the same, see.. You gottah eliminate what you hate. But If you die trying, then that was fate.. It's never too early & It's never too late. Always on time, To make things worse or to make it all fine.. Don't you wait on the planets to align. Roll up some blunts or sniff up some lines.. Stay cool. Worry about your own issues, I'll worry about mines. You gottah look deep & think beyond the place you get to through your mind.. What do you really want? Don't start lying 'N Bullshitting me w/ what your pastor wants.. Cuss' you'll find no happiness with that.. He's here to lead you, not to think for your ass Certainly, that's a fact. If you don't follow dreams composed by you, your life will always be wack. The Scriptures tell us to love one another.. But how can I with ease, when I turn to see a brother, stealing from someone older than his own mother.? How am I not supposed to get mad, at the fact-that this poor woman's now sad cuss' this bitch just took everything she had..? And lad, I know the money problems are intense.. Got you the feeling of being in between a fence.. got no cash for food sometimes yet you daydream all times of yourself in a benz. I know sometimes life makes no sense, & you might 'just' be trying to pay your rent And that's cool but steal & kill motherf*ckers from other gangs.. Make sure that the fight they put up is as dense, no Just sense in breaking the weak for their cents. Don't be a Coward. If your dreams are to make someone proud, then let me give you a doubt.. What will you do when they're gone & you realize you're on the wrong route..? Always doing the usual..this is crucial.. Keep going & you with Misery'll be mutual. & The saddest part is, it'll feel neutral.. Like nothing new. like the fact that neither sadness or happiness were ever by my side.. they both had different lives, but both equally died.. sadness developed into anger; making happiness, a serious.. infinite danger. & that's cuss' now I have something to lose.. Much more important than partying, smoking up, drinking booze. There's only one true destination for me and my shoes.. we're gunnah lead the way.. leaving no clues. it's just some people make my anger greater, than the one Hitler had for the Jews. i can't let it go, and pretend like it "flew." cuss' in reality, it just f*cking grew. Believe me, im trying to take advice and think shit through.. but i realize that all which goes wrong, is because of 'you.' so imma make things right, without hesitating to.. meanwhile, take notes. cuss' you never know how deep imma go, like slope. i just might.. Again, leave you stoked.. so many rhymes enter your mind that it floods, you need a boat.. just to be able to think as subliminal messages kill your thoughts & you start to sink.. quicker than your quickest blink. you died in your own mind, you're starting to stink.. that's what I'm here for, I didn't come here to sing.. nor am I here to bring, anything that won't sting. I'm spitting life & death, not bling.. Money, hoes, or playing pretend-king.. Like most wack artists here, in this rap thing.. i believe in saying nothing but the truth. (even if it isn't nice & smooth..) even if it hurts.. Atleast it'll be out there free, like the birds.. three thirds, of my verse, come to you like a hearse.. take that life like a purse.. But first, I'll allow you to Take that last breath carefully, Don't think blamefully; It's not your fault, You had no other option.. They were in a vault. Locked, like your freedom.. Cuss i took it all.. God was your creator but i am the one that Finished you. I took all that you had & cut its values in half, now im mean-munching & having a laugh.. high as f*ck, but still good with the math. not a "nerd" thoe, fresh.. like i just took a bath.. just to relax & organize all these facts.. keep them in mind, nice 'n packed. ready to go, & hit like a slap.. (if this was a race, you'd be way over-lapped. Hahah) probably looking for me using google, but I don't show up in maps. I won't tell you where I'm at, but you're way in the back. you've got nothing. im chilling, smoking 'n puffing.. no shit-stuffings.. i'd rather get to the toughing, risk up the cuffing.. cuss' getting caught's random, like card-shuffling. (It's simple as that.. there's nothing more to it. either you're in.. or you're out. Third Path.)
  10. Blue takes over Me & you.. We Go on to do.. What we came to do.. To find the view of the new one that flew.. That grew, & left us to.. Rot. I don't even know where to stop. Where to start.. I've gotten so far, Can't put down mah guard.. I may starve, but you'll never catch me, playing in the yard.. Knowing someone's soon gunnah make it to mars.. f*ck that; I rather be put behind bars.. Charged, for leaving the Earth, way too many scars With these stars.. I brought from heaven & sparsed, Teared 'em apart & hit the bull's-eye, like im throwing a dart. The only way to get cash , to get ass.. Is to know that Any threat gets a blast. Quick, like taz.. Pass me the glass. f*ck teachers, I ain't going back to class.. I'll never again be the last.. To decide what I'll do, like goin' to mass or nah.. My decision's to eliminate with fate, using the gas.. Sent from above, on a beautiful dove.. Give it a puff, It's cool if it feels rough.. You're just not yet used to this stuff, putting cuffs.. Attaching, like that 1st love.. The one that haunts your dreams, like f*cking with your peace just wasn't enough.. Come on in & get what you came for, before I send you back home..Through the same door.. You came from. Making you feel dumb.. I sit here, pouring some rum..Speaking at the beat of a drum.. As You sit on the other side, simply just stunned. Trying to do something that's been done.. You can't catch up. Don't even run.. I don't wanna have fun, let the bullet run.. See, it has begun.. Look at the light, it's Brighter than the burning sun..Standing over me, I wanna see it..but I just can't. I'd much rather smoke dank, have bitches walking off planks.. & you can't, but I could hear the world as it thanks.. Me for getting rid of this blank. See, we need real bullets in this War. Fakes we don't seek.. The victory isn't free.. Blood's the price & it has to leak. Im just not turning, to get slapped on my other cheek.. Only because these ppl are now using their knees It ain't like it was. It's how it's supposed to be. All real, let's close the deal.. Now your lips are sealed, And they better stay that way.. nothing can be revealed.. Otherwise, imma have to skip a meal.. There's not gunnah be anytime to chill, it's time to kill.. imma have to bring in murder.. Or perhaps, we can go a little bit further. Cuss' it's so tempting, like satan's daughter. & I only brought him up to get you in the mood for slaughter.. But don't even trip, im modern. I'll just simply pour Some gas on you, throw a lit match.. and get it all started. But that'll be your corpse burning, you've been dead cuss' you've been my target. I grab your head & I carve it.. With it, I make myself a carpet.. Don't you forget. Playa, mark it. Remember.. October, November, December. f*ck you, your age & your gender. I'm the creator, of this message..Bitch, I'm the sender.. I'm a descendant of The descendant. I'm not pleasant, but I sure am present. I'm a depressant, destined to grab your thoughts & to mess 'em.. Up, like I don't give a f*ck, cuss'.. When I do, Blue takes over Me & you.. We Go on to do What we came to do. To find the view, of the new one that flew..That grew & left us to.. Die. Without an answer to why.. Our purpose in life, Is to watch it as it passes by.. Through your lows & your highs, only one tosses dice.. Only you decide when you do fall, & when you rise.. I have a certain despise For all of these spies.. The rats & the mice. The Hello's & Good-bye's.. f*ck a surprise, give me the prize. I smell the fear in the tear free-falling from eyes.. & I can hear, the pain in your cries. It was not a mistake, They don't ever come twice.. The second time, becomes a choice we take to our demise.. Whether it's hot.. Or it's cold, like ice. (I won't fall.. I will just rise... Flow.. Feeling blue! Hahah..)
  11. I like the first & 2nd verse tho
  12. I see A lot of potential here brother. I would actually be down to go line by line showing you where I believe you should tweak around some words you've chosen but I'd feel as if I'd change it into something Too diff. On my own, & maybe change the meaning You've given it.. If you'd like, message me & we'll work on it as we see each other's takes Jah Bless
  13. My eyes stay low.. but i stay high. I'll kill for the truth & I've killed for a lie. It don't mean shit thoe, It's just death. As sHe was passing by.. SHe was like "oh, hi.."when suddenly on the news, I hear about that drive by.. & it was just the other day, I stopped hearing that one cry.. I stopped seeing that tear.. [i lost all fear.. lost the fear.] I already know that the end is near.. So I grab a beer.. Walk in my room to see myself on a mirror. I see my reflection & see that i'm real far, from reaching perfection; But see, it's all written in the book of my life already.. On the 17th section.. This is suppose to happen, this is where I'm supposed to be. If not I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't be me. I'd be in the knowledge of a life that I shall never see.. Looking for things that I myself, would never seek.. So I will only worry about my goal, it looks good to eat. Meanwhile come thru, come looking for problems.. I'll cut off your feet. And I'm just getting started.. Really, Please take a seat.. I got some little homies I want you to meet. Here's "meth," here's "coac," here's "weed." These are the apparent reasons society gives to say they know 'I'm a "freak."' I'm sick, tired & exhausted. I don't know where my mind is, I think I just lost it.. Now I'm pumped up.. I know, I'll just start mosh pit.. You absolutely, positively cannot pause it. You'd fail, at trying to stop it. Attempting to, causes a glock to your head.. &as Mentioned, Iain't scared to pop it. I Bring your mom over; take her world by force, & continue to rock it.. Make a move on her heart..Put it in the safe, & simply just lock it. Then take her world again.. but this time I drop it in my back pocket. I see many of you, paying attention.. to see how I do. I guess Some do it to make sure I'm not feeling blue.. But some do it, trying to jock it.. I laugh at all of you.. I simply just mock it. I'm always hunting my problem down, f*ck settling things out.. by 'trying' to talk it. You need to do something about it.. Look for the solution, playa..Stalk it. Im too much to handle, Hot like the flame-of a candle.. Flows stay lit like the sun, wear yo sandals.. I stay on like the tv; & bitches awe when they see me, Inda streets, smoking trees.. It's been a couple of months &weeks, that I've spent, being a father.. I don't need any help bitch, so don't even bother. I got this, and i also got that. This is much more than just a simple rap, This is facts. This is an entrance into my state of thought. I'm selling to you, shit i once bought.. Teaching you ,what i once was taught. You're fighthing through what i've been fought. Hi Hater, You a player.. but im the coach. I smoke a blunt and leave you half of the roach. Cuss' you ain't ready for the real deal.. You ain't ready to eat the real meal; You're playing paper, against steel. Do you feel? You're comitting a mistake.. My advice you gottah take. Go Home. I gottah warn you.. Im stoned, and im abouttah start spittin' flows that break bones. And You Ain't gunnah be happy with the results, Cuss' all these youngsters.. Imma make 'em revolt.. Against society, man. f*ck that shit. Thinking it's too good, like "nah, you don't fit." I'd offer to let you suck on my dick, only if something Good could come from it.. But since it doesn't, & I know it I'll stone you by the dozens. (Old fashioned-like OGs & their bare-knuckle toughings)
  14. My only critique is that is very(too) packed. The way I see it, when the beat starts & You start; to keep up, you'll have to spit it all in one breath. This, though talent-showing(rapping quick) isn't something that people would want to 'bump' in their car. If you want to be listened to that way, I'd say remove any lines you don't feel 100% about; giving room to the track & time to the listener to take in your "spit." What I enjoy from your lyrics is how Raw it comes up, The beat is great for them & if I may, I suggest the title: Cynical Miracle.
  15. Always expect the unexpected & you won't get affected by the infected.. Keep that in mind, it all goes together. like the dots, connect it.. Make your own law & make 'em respect it. Kill fakes, rip their hearts out. Son, disect it. Keep the truest by your side & stay with them till you die. Then resurrect, come back to life. I've done it once, I've done it twice.. But my name is not Jesus, I don't hear cries.. I don't take any bullshit, I don't forget any lies. If you cheated me, then you already know what it's like , when my demons all rise.. & they raise hell. Do you hear the rings of the bells? What's the matter, you seem kind of pale.. I'd suggest you'd just bail. Try to run.. either way, you're already done. Pull out a gun, I'll shank you with it. Send you to Satan , it'll be a permanent visit. And I don't give a f*ck if my lyrics are too explicit.. I'm gunnah grab the world & Off Imma piss it. I may be a migrane to most of you but when I'm gone, I know you're gunnah miss it. (I know you're gunnah miss that shit..Hahah Flow! I Swear to God man, I Swear to God.) But just cuss' you miss things, doesn't mean they have to again exist in your existence.. Trust me, & not just because I have a 6th sense.. Cuss' I don't label what I want from easy to intense, Neither do I give it a price like trillions or a few cents, I just get over the boundaries like I just hopped over a fence.. with that, I say f*ck the system; f*ck the cops & the presidents.. Leave the past in the past, live the present tense. Cuss' it's all that matters, let's wait & see what's next.. It could be good & it could be bad. Either way, it's coming for you no matter what, young lad.. (So stay up, be glad you ain't somebody else.. Do whatever you gottah do , to stay up in your life.)
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