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  1. You best stop stomping around like king kong man for real I just might drum the full clip but don't trip on the banana peel Word cause my steel make you ill round after round give you a stomachache Razor in the palm leave you with a funny face Yo cuz we're past words so stop tryin to annunciate I'll end you like this sentence correct grammar always punctuate speaking of periods your girl said she's a little late But that's not your problem little boy it's my mistake Which I stand to correct with the sawed off shotty This one's for her brain but i got spray for the body Double homicide blood covered walls killer kamikaze Crime scene hot flashing paparazzi Everything you say young buck I'm not sweating You talk hard but your always in the mirror when you're flexing The mouth you keep running I'm about to start messing With fists or the strap your a failure to what I'm testing I'll walk in the crib creepin through the front door What happened looking shook cause I brought you the war Put three in the chest and your head gets five more Running through the house dumping clips out on the floor Shells upon shells but this Sally sleeping ain't ever gonna see the seashore Cold blooded ice in the veins I'm a straight assassin Automatic extended I don't need a mask I just get to clappin The black mac let off you start gaspin The headache you got ain't gonna be fixed by aspirin I hope you rehearsed your verse before you try to coerce you choose full matic or the burst for the black hearse Cowboy wild west leave you scattered in San Antonio Spurs My shot smooth always on target like Manu Ginobili My name loud you ain't heard it man you should know me All I hear is talk rough words but man you never show me You can try and avoid it but I know you'll meet my homie Some call it their buddy others say the chopper I'll rain it down on you it's pouring out check the Doppler Just bring the body bag there's no need for the doctor Your bitch was lonely so I went fred flinstone and bedrocked her I'll walk into your building and get praise from everyone Allah I promise change but the grind stay the same Obama If I catch you questioning me imma answer you cha-cha Magician with the box make you disappear ta da 7th day cherry on the top whip cream the face voila You might not get that last one so let me say it back On Sunday Imma bust into the room red dot your forehead Pull the lock back clap turn the whole floor red I got the AR with the mount and do him code red And if I haven't dumped out all the clips I'm leaving more dead My crew smoke heavy we always got that purp bruh What's up doc step down before I wyatt earp yuh Ill spray up the whole family bullets flying don't matter where they land Twin matics dumpin rounds out till I'm empty in each hand All the clips on the ground so I hit the baby in the face with the frying pan You acted out the living role but now you about to play the dying man I'll put you in a box and whatever's left of the family start crying man I let the llama blam every time you find it in my damn hand Light up your whole set when the triple round burst is barking I'm like ray Allen with the threes but my AK dont shoot like a Spaulding I'm a disease when I come through the whole crew get a coffin f*ck it I'll tear down the whole block when my pump get to sparking Head shots on head shots put some brain on the wall Needed clean clothes so I got some brain from your girl at the mall She ready for the D at all times waiting on me like she on call Wet her basket up when the finger roll she call me Chris Paul If I'm in the building its over bag em up, zip em up I brought the spray but only one clip just ain't enough So I extend it bring it's twin and lift em up Ambidextrous with the steel both hands make you stiffen up Perfectionist with the 9 surgeon when the hammer fly Really only need one hand, one finger and one eye Look down the barrel, this bitch better be ready to die Put his brain all out on the floor where his body lie No bullshit I let them bullets swing but no curve boy Because this life ain't no movie, I ain't no James McAvoy Run in, driver in hand, get to swinging like Rory Mcllroy Chop em up find the bodies scattered all through Illinois But all I hear is screaming coming from this fake actor's boy Walked up to the playpen he reached for the spray like this Mac a toy So I let it off, dumped out till he slumped out over the Tonka truck Spray to the abdomen give your wife that tummy tuck Cause we ride deep Strapped up blacked up on them drive by's And I ain't talking about burgers when I'm bringing five guys If its 5 guys then that means its 5 nines Repeat that and you got a lot of .45s Anyway you do the math my body count never lies You dudes keep talking that shit then see that number rise My 22 will cause alarm like a carjack When this silence hiccups it leave that Marvin a mess I'm blunted on that kush and wavy off the cognac Whether I'm killing or chilling my mind is at rest Riding deep hanging out the window of a black ac With this metal his world be at peace, that's Ron artest Cause with every shot it make him fallback Look like Kobe with this 8 on his chest
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