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  1. Hello Mark , thanks for posting this link , an interesting read , the only Elton John album i own is Jump Up , i have a few others on CD and Cassette , Mr Taupin calls it " subpar " i thought it was better than that with songs like Empty Garden , Blue Eyes , Spiteful Child , I did read a book Mr Taupin published a long time ago , i think it was called Poems or Song lyrics or something like that , i will keep an eye out for this book , and might just buy it , to read .
  2. Hi , Jess . your post , or a link to your post , came up on my facebook , via a Songstuff add , i clicked on it because the collaboration site i switched to away from here , about 4 or 5 years ago has started to wane , most the musicians i collaborated with have left that site , so i was looking for another site when i saw the Songstuff one pop up , If you ever need lyrics , i would be happy to help . either something from my archives or a collaboration or come up with something new for a melody you already have . Cheers Tez.
  3. The light in the distance, felt like hope in the dark, Promising existence, beautiful, but so far, But is it a false hope , with an image so stark
  4. I'm in , BUT ! ! ! are there any rules ? e.g. only one line per person per verse ?...or a free for all ? i vote for = 1 line p/p . because i have done this before in another forum and i want to write 2 or 3 lines at a time which takes the song in a direction i am pointing it towards , not the group direction , if you know what i mean ? have u got a working title yet ??????
  5. teek

    what girlie's like

    Rudi , i've never heard the term WITTER , maybe i don't watch enough BBC tv . Did you have to go to an " old " record store to buy the LP's ?
  7. teek

    more pick stuff

    I could imagine a STONE pick would take hours to make , probably on a sandstone wheel ? Therefore be EXPENSIVE ?
  8. That's an old word "Sprangle " ( Smokey Mountain Magic 1910 ) , i like it . But who mows the lawn at dawn ? that wouldn't be a forced rhyme would it ? or is it a metaphor i don't understand .
  9. wow this thread started in 2012 , i only recognize 4 or 5 names , One of my fave's is - " Who needs all that sentimental bullshit anyway " - Cold Chisel .
  10. Looks nice , but if you want a Fender , why not buy a used one from a reliable source , and have it refurbished ?
  11. Congratulations again to Amy , The header page looks better , more colour
  12. teek

    more pick stuff

    Hi Rudi , I was interested to read , that for you , using different PICKS give a different sound , would that be a " general thing " amongst musicians ? or a personal thing ? Why do you use hand tools , e.g. a file , ? I bought a nephew one of those PICK MAKING MACHINES , it is a box , that when you push down on the lid , it cuts out a pick from a plastic sheet , he started trying out all different types of plastics and whatever else it would cut ,
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