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  1. I appreciate that man, I'll keep working on it
  2. Looking for some feedback, I want to know if it's worth to continue this because I'm using a similar rhyme scheme for another song and I'd have to choose one of the two for a release, this is the first and only verse I have so far for this song; Head over heels for you Blood I would spill for you Always been here for you T'was what I was instilled to do Lent an ear for you, Spent a year with you Then he appeared to you, you smeared me away was it even clear to you? What this thing meant to me? Now you're dead to me, No respect for you? What you expect to see Forget what I said to you and don't lecture me I think I'm bout to puke remembering your face pressed to me You were my ecstasy I even begged to be Next to you, but what lead to be A tragedy of a fantasy But I pulled up my pants to see If we had a chance to be (then it would proceed to the chorus if I had one, preferably ending with "fell" as I start the verse with "head over heels with you")
  3. Nice and clean, this is pretty tight
  4. I'm a pretty big eminem fan but that last cd line had me snickering. This is dope man.
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