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  1. I gotta question. Lets say I'm not recording and i plug in my headphones to my audio interface. I put my headphones on an turn the volume up all the way on the headphones. There are no mic hooked up to the audio interface. Im hearing a hiss sound with the all the way up volume up. If i turn it to 12Oclock the noise is gone. Whats is this noise? Is it suppose to be there?
  2. Do you wear headphones when recording vocal and guitar at the same time? I know you have to wear headphones when singing over a pre recorded track, but when playing guitar and singing at the same times should I wear headphones? I would like to hear some opinions on this
  3. I dont know which side should be pointed towards the the computer, I will have to do some research on orienting . I think a baffle sounds like a great idea, I record in my bedroom so i would like to make my room more like a studio space. Mainly just invest in some sound proof materials. I have a big living room but the floors are tile, and ive heard that is not good for recording because of the reverb. My Samson Co2 condenser mics dont sound as good as the NT1. I still want to make use of them, hopefully I can. I took some pics of my Mics. Also When I record with the pencil condenser I use the pop filter/wind shield thing u see in the pic, I haven't recorded with out it yet.
  4. Hello John, Nightwolf. Last night i recorded with my NT1 and One sansom condenser mic. I recorded my clapping then i sang on another track. The the NT! when soloed captured the clap almost perfect, but the samson condenser mic sounded horrible for the clap. Why is this?. I also lowered The gain on the preamp to lessen the hiss. That seemed to work but there is still hiss just not as much, and I have to add some plugins to bring up the vocal. I think it is my computer fan, i hope ill be able to make my computer more quite so i can record without any hiss. Mabey a new fan? I make sure to turn off all fans, didnt know about lights. My fridge is also loud. Im very dissapointed with the samson condenser mic. I think the Nt1 would even be better for recording acoustic guitar, I just get alot of hiss with it.
  5. Ive been having trouble recording audio tracks without alot of recording hiss. Anytime i turn the track up the hiss gets louder. how do i get rid of this?. Im using an Nt1 rode, and a pair of samson co2 condensers. I would likr to turn up the tracks without the hiss going up. Im aslo usinf and audiobox 44vsl by presounus
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