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  1. Funny--no circuitous logic going on! I was responding to what I thought was the post immediately before mine, but my post was published after something that was unconnected and then the next post just picked up where I left off. I've seen that happen a few times where there doesn't appear to be a connection between posts and it ends up that thread was broken because of some glitch or delay in posting. Now there is a connection that comes to mind, but this isn't the explicit posting section :) ~T
  2. Goodbye In Her Eyes - Zac Brown Band
  3. Ooh! Nice nuance there. Ain't That a Kick in the Head - Dean Martin
  4. Timbre

    Patty Lakamp

    Great idea to feature lyric writers. I think Patty is the first one. Excellent place to start!
  5. Sorry, Tom. Don Henley title was supposed to be Last Worthless Evening, not lonely. But loser still works with worthless.
  6. Signed Sealed Delivered (I'm Yours) / Stevie Wonder
  7. Such a good topic. I remember a while back that there was a discussion about how personal a song should be and the challenges of writing about your own life. I think grief is as personal as it gets but also can be very public when it changes how we approach life and interact with those around us--sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. If we are able to pass through the darkest moments, days, years, the clarity we get on the other side can result in powerful lyrics, music, and other art forms. And some even find the strength to create art in the midst of the pain, which perhaps helps in the healing. Based on John's experience, the question that comes to mind for me is: Once you've created a song out of grief, for whatever purpose--to heal, to inspire, to help you remember--what is your responsibility to others that are touched by it? In the most personal sense you are writing about your own loss, but also exposing and giving voice to their loss too. Some folks find comfort in that. Some take a while to get there and some never do. Turning to Lisa's original question--My take on it is that lyrics about grief can take on another form and serve another purpose when you no longer need them as a primary expression of grief. I've written lyrics out of grief and have been initially very protective about the original meaning, but over time have been able to recast them into a broader context that was less about my personal experience and more universal. Now the car commercial goes further than that, but I think it's the same general idea--being comfortable enough with the meaning/context changing that it doesn't feel like another loss to grieve. ~T
  8. Hi, Anon. Powerful start. Really pulled me in. The last couple of lines started to drift a bit, but I think you could pull them back in with a stronger lead in to "denier" and flipping the last line to end with "liar". Just my 2 cents. Hope you keep going with it. ~T
  9. Hey, John.


    Still learning my way around the site. I want to post some lyrics (yikes!) and try my hand at review. If I understand your instructions correctly, do I just open up a new topic in the forum and paste in lyrics?


    And it seems like most folks put their song title in the "title" field of the post. Correct?


    1. john

      Basically, yes! I will send you a private message too.... (click on send message on someone's profile)

  10. Welcome to the forums Timbre :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

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