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  1. man, hwere have you been ?

  2. I write lyrics probably in an unusual way. If I want to capture a certain mood I'll listen to a select few songs that capture this mood and I can write with it as a backdrop to make sure I'm maintaining this certain mood I want to capture. I definitely study up on how other people structure their lyrics and if I like a certain style I'll try to integrate that style into my writing. I'm also thinking the reason why it's harder to experiment with lyrics than say guitar is that there's no "jam session" with lyrics.
  3. I've been listening to a lot of music lately and I've been paying attention to the subject matter of each song. I've noticed some trends. When it comes down to it the majority of songs are about one of the following subject matters: 1) Love 2) Sticking it to the man 3) Not following the crowd 4) Sex 5) Drugs 6) Individuality I'm thinking this maybe more of a reflection of what kind of people artists are more than anything else. Musicians are most of the time egotistical people and 5/6 of these are selfish endeavors. So maybe that's why these subject matters are more favorable to be written about than anything else? I know most of you are going to point to the emotional connections behind these subject matter as the reason why they're so written about. But what about intellectual connections within music? Why is that so frowned upon? You can say it's less personable, but do people really need a song to be personable in order to connect with it? Is music ultimately a selfish endeavor? This was terribly formatted I know, but I would like to get a discussion about why you think these are the trends and why other subject matter aren't trends?
  4. neoteric


    I apologize if I came off as condescending in my previous post to you John. That wasn't the intent of my post. It was more of my frustration all pent-up being released from having to deal with people trying to label Staind, Nickelback, Seether, Slipknot as metal bands. Ok, so I found a pretty good summary for metal: So under these characteristics the bands you've listed don't even come close.
  5. neoteric


    Ugh, is everything metal to you? Seether? Nickelback? What weird ass definition do you have for metal John? No offence, but those bands don't even come close. If those bands are labeled metal then Britney Spears is metal. Another stereotype is that metal always has to sound heavy. Progressive metal destroys this stupid stereotype. In fact, a lot of people ask me "hey this song has a heavy guitar riff at the beginning, so does that mean it's metal?" And I walk away in utter shame.
  6. I'd be interested in hearing how some people go about developing a riff for a song.
  7. Same, I love John Pertucci's guitar work and Jordan Rudess's keyboard work. They have an instrumental band together called Liquid Tension Experiment. It's essentially 3/5 of DT.
  8. I have mixed feelings about this, particularly because when I took guitar lessons a long time ago, my instructor never showed me how to fret notes properly, and he never corrected this during my lesson. I've learned a great deal about music and the different aspects of it just by reading up on it. Sometimes these music lessons are like walking into your first Spanish class and your instructor just starts speaking in Spanish, expecting you to eventually pick up on what he's saying without explaining anything to you.
  9. neoteric


    I like all kinds of screaming. I guess I like metal a lot more than most people do. It represents human aggression. It's hard to explain why I like it so much.
  10. Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater demonstrates odd-time signatures on the drums. I thought this was quite insightful.
  11. Maynard James Keenan of Tool From "Jambi" (It means jam two in case anyone doesn't know what the song title means) "But I I would If I could I would Wish it away Wish it away Wish it all away Wanna wish it all away No prize that could hold sway Or justify my giving away my center So if I could I'd wish it all away If I thought tomorrow would take you away. You, my piece of mind, my all, my center, just trying to hold on one more day. Damn my eyes! Damn my eyes! If they should compromise the fulcrum: (If) wants and needs divide me Then I might as well be gone..." Vurtox from Disillusion From "A Day By The Lake" "But today there are only elegies Filling our tainted elysium Still hoping that fall will never come This place turned to a fraud mirage Deceitful and untrue. Still hoping that fall will never come Embraces solace me They hide my tears in pastel drapery Still hoping that fall will never come And I cry just as you Knowing, this is coming to an end But still I am hoping that fall will never come. But it came." Robert Wyatt from Matching Mole From "O Caroline" "David's on piano, and I may play on a drum And we'll try to make the music work, we'll try to have some fun But I just can't help thinking that if you were here with me I'd get all my thoughts in focus and play more excitingly I love you still - Caroline I want you still - Caroline I need you still - Caroline If you call this sentimental crap you'll make me mad Cause you know that I would not sing about some passing fad And if my attempts at rhyming aren't convincing to your ear Then memories betray you through the passing of the year I love you still - Caroline I want you still - Caroline I need you still - Caroline You must think it doubtful that I mean the words I sing Or that all attempts to reach you this way could not mean a thing But you must admit we both thought we'd be man and wife And that I could make you happy for the best part of your life I love you still - Caroline I love you still - Caroline "
  12. I don't have a problem with that line honestly. The use of stone completes the imagery.
  13. Not in order: Neil Peart (Rush) Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, No-Man, I.E.M, Blackfield) Kevin Moore (OSI, Dream Theater) Adrian Belew (King Crimson) Peter Sinfield (King Crimson) Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer) Billy Howerdel (A Perfect Circle, Ashes Divide) Peter Hammill Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)
  14. Ok, so I've got the software and hardware installed. I'm looking at the bus power right now and the USB light is blinking green, and the MIDI out and in lights are off. Does that mean I'm in good shape?
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