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  1. Really looking forward to seeing 4 Lions!

  2. ok, I've been working on a big song for a while now. Theres a few things going on at times, and the hobbyist people who've tried to mix it have failed pretty miserably. I'm now prepared to have to pay someone to mix it, so, need recommendations? (I'm wise to the tales of certain online mixing studios just sticking the whole thing through Ozone). I need a proper mix. Channel seperation, comp, subtle reverbs etc. Help!
  3. I've been into Simon Cowell's office. (long story, but I have a mate with an indie label who liased with someone at BMG and needed to do some very brief business with Cowell). In his office, Simon has shelf after shelf of CDR's containing unsolicited and unheard 'pop' songs. He estimated that there were easily around 5000. All of these songs - he believed, were formularic enough to become hit records. He could essentially pull any CD off the shelf at random, send it down to the studio to re - produce with a more 'now' feel,and hey, a hit. His attitude was that 'all the songwriting has already been done'. The guy's a philistine - obviously, BUT ...he's a power player in the pop market, and it seems he has it sewn up for the near future at least.
  4. Hiya Thom. No co-incidence I'm afraid. I actually got the link to here from your Myspace site. Thanks for the recommendation!
  5. Hi all, just noticed this 'introduce yourself' bit, so, here goes .. (Nicking bits from my own Myspace) Where to start? Ok then. Hi, I'm Chris A. Intermittently sardonic musical anorak, with a nifty line in dramatic irony and a constant crutch of reverie. Been playing music, and writing for many years, now. I got lucky in the early 80's, when at 14, the punk band I drummed for, were offered the support slot with Billy Idol’s Generation X. This tour took in all of the UK and bits of Europe, Jeez, I think I learned everything about life on those mad 6 months. Subsequently, playing other instruments, in other bands, in other genre’s, with varying degrees of minor success, and then composing computer music for commercial music software, then cabaret, until now, as a husband, and dad to 2 mint girls, mortgaged up, and intermittently tarting around in Cubase SX. My Songs 'n' stuff. I have a pretty large back catalogue of material. A lot of it is of Godawful recording quality, and a lot of it is frankly just Godawful, period. From punk to shoegazer, from synthpop to cabaret. I aim to keep changing these tracks on my myspace page, and still hope to have a go at re-recording at some point. Anyway, always stuff to learn, always love talking bout music and hearing opinions. That's why I'm here. Oh, not sure if it's pertinant or not but here's my Myspace .. http://www.myspace.com/mamuciumson
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