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  1. I'm Sorry. I tried to help you, but I couldn't. A feeling inside, is just a torment. Makes me sick inside, with some guilt. A guilt of how I let you die. It's a hard feeling, trust me I know. Last thing you want, is your mind telling you to go. Your mind takes control, and grabs a knife. Against your will, as you cut, you're crying inside. Your life flashes, right before you eyes. Your eyes get filled, with tears from inside. Voices in your head, telling you all these lies. Blocking out the trueness, of your family's lives. All you wanted was to, was to end the pain. And now you're lifeless, you're not the same. What happened to that girl, that I used to know? So reckless, so happy. Where'd she go? You told me one final thing, it was only three words. Three words, I knew, would never feel so hurt. You told me you loved me, with a final goodbye. I sat there, for hours, curled up to cry. I went to the funeral, hopeless and hurt. Went to your coffin, feeling desert. All alone, I yelled, "Why'd you do this!" "You had so much to live for, so why would you do this!" I placed my head down, bursting out into tears. Feeling sick with guilt, this is the one thing I fear. I couldn't feel more hopeless, more useless before. The fact I couldn't help you, was a feeling of sore. I completely felt to blame, because you were my support. You were always there to help me, in my hardest times. For 6 long years, you never left my side. And now I'm in debt to you, because I couldn't return. Why'd you have to do this, why'd you leave with hurt. I'm Sorry. I tried to help you, but I couldn't. A feeling inside, is just a torment. Makes me sick inside, with some guilt. A guilt of how I let you die. I'm sorry. I really am. Rest easy, brother. I'll see you again.
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