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  1. Hi John, This is Robert Webb from Melbourne, Australia, making music as Disconnectica. Many years ago I wrote music while at school and early uni, but left it for decades, occasionally writing a piano solo. But a few years ago I set myself up to get back into it. It's all created at the computer. I also make videos for some of my tracks, and write software to create effects for those videos, allowing me to bring many of my interests together. I tend to make dark theatrical alternative rock, at least that's the best description I've come up with. But my pieces have many different styles. My first album is almost ready to go, and after much tweaking I'm finally uploading some stuff to Spotify etc. Below is the only instrumental on the album. So this track was written as a soundtrack for a zombie movie or game. Something along the lines of 28 Days Later, and also drawing inspiration from Hans Zimmer's work. But also intended to work as a standalone track. YouTube: Spotify: SoundCloud:
  2. Been making my own videos, and writing my own software to do effects in them. Ends up taking a lot of time, but at least they don't look like every other video. Most home-made videos these days seem to be montages of free stock footage thrown together. This one uses a mind-bending effect called slit scan or time displacement. After that I decided I should put myself in my videos more, and made this one using a Droste effect. I also made a couple for my piano solos. This one also uses the Droste effect. And lastly this one, not using software I wrote, but rather Photo Mirage, which animates still images, in this case photos I took in Iceland. There was no video taken for this at all, it's just still photos that have been animated.
  3. Great song. The video wasn't bad. I like the time-lapse parts zooming down the road. I'd like to see the changes from time-lapse to stationary more synchronised with the music. Some where, but often not. And the stationary shots might be better with the camera on a tripod and not panning at all. Alternating between stills and time-lapse could be more dramatic I think.
  4. Cool. What's the deadline? And when will we be informed about your decision? Thanks.
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